9 Roomy Bags That'll Fit All Your Weekday Essentials, From Lunches To Laptops


The worst part of the weekday commute is having to lug around everything you need for the working week. Whether it's homemade lunches (got to save those costs), gym gear for your post-office class, or even a hefty laptop, most bags struggle to cope with the weight. If you've had enough of back aches and stuff spilling onto the floor, here's a few roomy bag designs to revolutionise your working day.

Now that micro bags are a bonafide trend, it's easy to fill your wardrobe with teeny tiny styles. But saddle bags and grab bags are hardly practical pieces for the journey to and from work. Instead, you need a sizeable tote, shopper, or, yes, a traditional backpack to take you comfortably from morning to night.

Thankfully, the high street has prevailed. Not only can you find jumbo-sized bags in almost any store, but there's plenty of different designs to suit any taste and budget. From sturdy leather options to soft padded styles and loud leopard print to even louder neon, these bags won't have any problem fitting clothes, shoes, snacks, and gadgets.

And when it comes to weekend breaks away, use them as a mini suitcase. You're very welcome.