9 Meditations To Help You Reflect & Flourish During This Month’s Full Moon

by Brittany Bennett
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Before 2019 begins, there's one last full moon to experience in December 2018 — and it's the perfect opportunity to harp on your resolutions. Not resolutions strictly for the next 365 days ahead, but for the direction of your life in general. The final full moon of 2018 wraps up a long, reflective year of eclipses and retrogrades. To help process the ~emotions~, try meditations for the December full moon. Allowing yourself a second — or 1000 seconds — of mindfulness will leave you concluding the year on a note of self-love and gratitude. Is there a more zen way to go?

December's full moon will light up the sky on Dec. 22, according to Farmer's Almanac. Astrology-wise, the moon will be in Cancer, a sensitive sign keen on the comforts of home. It's the ideal time to retreat from the end of year madness and create a meditation nook. According to Forever Conscious, "Even though there is a sensitive tone to this full moon, it is actually a great time to reflect on the lessons of the year gone by and to release all that you no longer wish to carry into the new year."

Consider this full moon one in favor of cleansing. Now is the time to shower your soul in self love and self care. December is all about wellness and gratitude. 2018 — thank u, next.

Cultivating Self Love

The must have trend going into 2019 is self love. Take 20 minutes to take yourself on a journey to find it. Ending the year with gratitude for the growth you've made will ring in a new round of 365 days on the most positive note.

5-Minute Self Love Meditation

If you don't have 20 minutes between the holiday gift wrapping and family time and dinner party preparations and traveling, take a five minute breather. You can fit in a self love meditation in the time it takes you to stare idly out the window.

Self Love Healing Meditation

If you've been battling yourself on the concept of self love over the past 12 months, allow yourself the time to heal. Reflect on all the growth you've acquired and heal your heart especially when it comes to caring about your wellness.

New Beginning Meditation

Full moons are about getting rid of what no longer suits you. A lover who never returns your texts on time? Bye. A bad habit you acquired over the past month? Toodles. Taking the time to reflect on whats been ailing you — whether obvious or not — and starting a fresh new beginning is a soulful way to step into the new year.

5-Minute Reset Mindfulness Meditation

If you need a mind cleanse in a time crunch, all it takes to reset is five minutes.

5-Minute Gratitude Meditation

Practicing gratitude can afford a person a lot of inner peace. Taking a few minutes to harp on gratefulness is one of the most positive ways to conclude a year full of emotional retrogrades. Bow out of 2018 with gratitude and receive a standing ovation from the universe.

Healing Body Scan Meditation

Under December's full moon illumination it's not a bad idea to scan through your chakras and conduct a head to toe healing. This moon is all about cleansing after all.

Gratitude Practice Meditation

Gratitude is much more than saying "thank you." It's a ~practice~. Meaning you have to harp on it, do it, understand it. This 10-minute meditation can assist in your journey.

Setting An Intention Meditation

As the 2018 chapter of our lives gets ready to turn the page, we prepare ourselves to make resolutions. But deeper than resolutions, the pesky promises we make but hardly ever keep, are intentions. Instead of insisting you'll "eat less sugar" or something equally difficult to stick to, set a more soulful intention for the year ahead. With the emotional power of the Dec. full moon, this meditation on setting intentions could be a powerful 10 minutes.