These 'Mike & Molly' Quotes Will Make You Love Melissa McCarthy Even More Than You Do Now

Justin Lubin/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. ©2013 WBEI

Melissa McCarthy fans can be separated into two categories: those who discovered her in Bridesmaids, and those who already knew she was destined for greatness just by seeing her on their TV. Before she was a big screen comedy star, McCarthy was a television darling, starring in Gilmore Girls as the beloved Sookie and then moving to the CBS sitcom, Mike & Molly. For six seasons, McCarthy played Molly, a woman who meets a man at Overeaters’ Anonymous, and while some fans might not realize this, the actor deserves just as much praise for her performance in the show as she does for her turn in Bridesmaids. Don't believe me? These nine underappreciated Melissa McCarthy quotes from Mike & Molly will convince you.

The character of Molly is pretty great. She's dealing with a daunting weight loss goal, but her size doesn't define her. She's fun and beautiful and happy, but also prone to an angry outburst every now and again. She's loved by her family and by Mike, but more than all of those things she's funny. And, as a funny lady on television, Molly has a lot of great moments that all of us, no matter our age, weight, race, or gender, can relate to. These nine McCarthy lines from Mike & Molly are not only brilliant and relatable, they're incredibly convenient, and can be used in many difference situations.


When You Need To Express Your Inner Rage

"I got a lot of anger inside."

This quote works for pretty much whenever you're feeling angry or frustrated and you want to get those feelings out as quickly and effectively as possible. It can also be used to describe every other time you open your Twitter feed.


When Your Mom Is Just Too Much

"She doesn't just push my buttons. She leans on them, she tapes them down."

Molly knows what it's like to have family members all over you all the time — she lives with her mom and sister — so trust her to find the best way to describe how it feels when there's one person in your life who knows exactly how to hit you where it hurts.


When You Need A Great First Date Joke

"Sure. Do you like your penis?"

When your date asks if you like your meal or drink, respond with this epic one-liner and you'll be able to see pretty quickly if your date is up for some fun or a complete dud.


When You Want Some Lovin'

"Think you could look at me the way you look at that check?"

Sure, we all like to have a little money in the bank, but sometimes a girl just needs some love and affection. And when the occasion arises, it's important to ask for what you want, like to be adored as much as your partner loves cash.


When You're So Frustrated, You Could Burst

"God, do you ever want to just kill somebody?"

Not only is this the most relatable question ever, but you can also feel good knowing that Melissa McCarthy said it on national television, so you're not a potential murderer for thinking it!


When There's A Chore You Really Don't Want To Do

"I think nature has a way of weeding its own garden."

This one sounds more philosophical, like life has a a way of trimming unnecessary people or drama out of your life, but taken literally, it's a great excuse not to do everyday chores. Dishes are pilling up in the sink? Nature will take care of it.


When You've Got To Weigh The Pros & Cons

"Good news: they have a dance floor. Bad news: lots of people have died on it."

When Mike and Molly are looking for a potential venue for their wedding, Molly finds a home for the elderly that seemed promising. Pro: dance floor. Con: potential haunting. It's pretty much your standard calculated risk situation.


When You Want Something Nice, But Not Too Nice

"Don't go too expensive. Just a place where the fork and spoon are two different things."

Going out with your friends for a cheap meal, but sick of the same $2 pizza? Tell them you want to go somewhere that actually requires cutlery. Everyone knows the number of forks at an establishment correlates directly to how expensive it is.


When You Need To Remind Yourself That Size Doesn't Matter

"I know I'm never gonna be a size two. That's fine because I happen to like who I am. There's nothing wrong with me as a person. I'm smart, I'm funny, I recycle."

Molly knows that it's more important to love yourself than to love everything about your body, or fit into a American view of what's acceptable and what's not. And even if you have a bad personality, recycling pretty much cancels all that stuff out as far as karma is concerned, right?

Remember these pearls of wisdom from Mike & Molly, and you'll always have McCarthy on your side.