9 People Share The Things You Have To Do Before Turning 30

by Mia Mercado

Building a bucket list can be a daunting thing to do. Thankfully, the internet is full of opinions and self-appointed experts. So, one person sought help from some strangers, asking Reddit the question every twentysomething asks at some point: “What should you do before turning 30?

There are plenty of ways to build a bucket list and bucket lists of every shape, size, and specificity. There’s the classic Things To Do Before You Die bucket list. There’s the slightly less safe-for-work Sex Bucket List. Recently, a teen’s summer bucket list went viral, reminding us all what it’s like to be in high school and just how much (or how little) our hopes and dreams have changed.

One of the best ways to build a bucket list is to set a deadline for yourself. It take a lofty dream and roots it into reality, giving yourself a timeline for when you will actually do the damn thing. As its title suggests, the “Things To Do Before Turning 30” happens to already have its due date built in.

Obviously, there is no “right way” to turn thirty. You just do it. Time passes and then you are that age. But if you’re looking to build out your Turning 30 bucket list and seek the advice from some strangers who have already been there, here are nine things people think you should do before your biological clock strikes thirty.


Figure Out Your Finances

Multiple people suggested investing for the future financially. A few mention opening a 401K. Another person suggested, “Open at least 2 mutual funds and put dollars in them. While “saving for retirement” sounds simple, it can be incredibly daunting when you don’t know the first thing about investing. If you feel like you know literally nothing about money saving, check out these seven tips for how to invest.


Quit Smoking

It’s no secret that nicotine is incredibly addictive. Understanding how nicotine works and why quitting is often easier said than done are two easy steps to take when you want to figure out how to quit smoking.


Get A Job

Ideally one “that fulfills you and you can make a living out of it,” as the original poster states. All easier said than done, but maybe “figure out a five year career plan” is more accessible and still productive in attaining your job goals.



One person in the thread said, “Go as far as your budget will take you. I'm from Nepal and going to college in the US and later, Europe were the best decisions I ever made.”


Get Your Degrees

While it’s certainly possible to get degrees later in life, one user highly suggested finishing whatever education you want to attain as soon as possible. “It's impossible to go back to school after you work for so long,” they said of their own experience. “I got my MBA 2 years removed from college and couldn't imagine going back now.”


Learn Your Family History

Specifically as it’ll prompt you to have conversations with your relatives you might not otherwise have. “This gives you a chance to actually sit down and talk with your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles while they’re still in your life,” one user wrote.


Go Skydiving

Things like going skydiving are pretty standard bucket list things, and arguably not something you have to do before you turn 30. If jumping out of a plane isn’t your thing, figure out what your metaphoric version of “skydiving” is. Is performing at an open mic night? Is it training for a marathon? Perhaps just figuring out how to do that thing that scares you should be on everyone’s to-dos before they turn 30.


Turn 29

Set that bar at a very achievable height.


Stop Worrying About Turning 30

As one person suggests, “Stop caring that you're going to be 30 and think about what you should do in general.” Again, there are no rules for how to be any age. A thing that most of us realize the older we get is that no one has it figured out. Regardless of how many items you check of your respective list, you’re going to get older because that’s how time works. Perhaps being a little less worried about time passing in general is the thing we should all do more of at every age.