9 Photos & Videos Of Las Vegas’s Grasshopper Invasion That Will Make You Stay Inside

by Brittany Bennett

Summer is usually filled with bugs — and right now, there is perhaps no city that understands that quite like Las Vegas, Nevada, where it's currently raining grasshoppers. Literally. I know that sounds ridiculous, there are actual photos and videos of Las Vegas's grasshopper invasion on the internet that will make you never want to go outside again. It actually looks kind of apocalyptic, in a way — but, don't worry, although this fog of insects is terrifying, the end is not near. Instead, weather can explain this influx of grasshoppers that's so massive it can be seen from space. Much like California's Super Bloom, except this is not anything like California's Super Bloom.

According to CNN, Nevada Department of Agriculture's entomologist Jeff Knight said, "It appears through history that when we have a wet winter or spring, these things build up often down below Laughlin and even into Arizona." Nevada has had an above average rain fall this year and a cool spring which could explain the most recent tourist invasion to the neon strip. Though there's some reason for this migration there is still no reason to go outside.

The grasshoppers are hoarding sidewalks, they're fluttering in masses under street lights, they're all over marquees on the Las Vegas Strip — they're everywhere. Las Vegas is known for their spectacular shows and, to be honest, this invasion of grasshoppers does not disappoint. But, if you're — understandably —not really in the mood for this kind of show, stay indoors.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't ~bet~ on this invasion clearing up anytime soon. According to Forbes, this invasion could last weeks. Cozy up to the casino buffet and say "no thank you" to any invitations that require you to face the outside world. If you need further convincing to stay inside, please refer to the pictures and videos below.



Don't forget your umbrella when you decide to leave the casino hotel for an In-N-Out run.

Just, No


Actually, just don't leave your hotel. Casinos in Las Vegas are basically glorified towns with air conditioning. Is there a reason to leave at all on your vacation? No. Not with this going on there's not.

Stay Inside


There is literally no tip-toeing around the grasshoppers who appear to be hosting their own block party in Vegas this summer.

Absolutely Not


The spotlight is not on the strip but on the millions of insects.

No Thank You

Though grasshoppers are not considered dangerous, this still doesn't look like a good time.

Don't. Go. Outside.

I cannot stress this enough. There's just no reason to.

Why Is This Happening

It's not worth it. Not even for the 'gram.

I'm Scared

The beam of light that sprouts from the tip of Las Vegas' famed Luxor Hotel & Casino is like the bat signal for not leaving your room.

I Need To Go Home

Sure, there is always a little stir of excitement when something this bizarre happens in such a crowded city, in the midst of summer. It might make you want to go outside to experience the phenomenon yourself, or feel a grasshopper or 100 flutter by your ear. But, really, if you want that, just go to your zoo's insect house.

If you need me, I'll be inside.