9 Quick Hacks To Calm You Down Fast, According To Experts

Svet Feo/Shutterstock

When you're in a stressful situation, having some quick hacks to calm you down fast that you can turn to can be super helpful. Whether you're preparing to give an important presentation at work or you're in a major fight with your partner, you can't always remove yourself entirely from the situation until you calm down. That's why knowing how to get yourself into a more positive headspace quickly can be so important.

"Anxiety manifests both physically and cognitively so it is important to learn coping strategies to address both of those areas," Lindsay Cooke, LMHC, a licensed psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor, tells Bustle. If you realize that you've been tapping your foot with excess anxious energy, for example, try going for a quick walk to help get your mind off of the situation for a moment. If you can't stop imagining all of the ways that the situation can go wrong, start making a list of all of the little ways that you've triumphed recently.

While a quick fix can be useful, don't substitute that for professional help. "If you find that more times than not, your anxiety is overwhelming and you have a difficult time breaking free from it," Cooke says, "it may be best to seek out a therapist to manage anxious thinking and review cognitive-behavioral strategies in person."

Here are some ways to calm down fast, according to experts.