9 Quiet Sex Toys To Try When You're Home For The Holidays,

There's no denying that the holidays are a very stressful time for a lot of us — and it's important to find ways to unwind and deal with holiday stress. "Most of us already have busy schedules but adding in holiday shopping, events, and travel can make it even more stressful and hectic," Dr. David Greuner, an NYC-based cardiovascular surgeon, tells Bustle. "Set aside days where you can relax and have time for yourself, and enjoy relaxing activities like yoga, reading, or a bubble bath." And those are all definitely great ways to relax — but there's another way that you might want to consider. If you really want to destress this holiday season, then setting aside some you time can be a lot of fun — and there's no stress reliever quite as fun as masturbating.

Masturbating is a great way to unwind, but it can feel awkward if you're home for the holidays. Footsteps in the hallway, family coming over — it's easy to feel like the whole house is constantly full of people. Luckily, there are plenty of quiet, discreet toys out there that mean you can have a lot of fun without getting caught. So if you are looking for a way to spice up the holidays without being awkwardly walked in on, here are some quiet sex toys that should do the trick. And the best part? They're all in the holiday sales — though many of the sales only last run for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you might want to get browsing.



This unassuming vibrator actually packs a big punch — but it's super discreet, easy to use, and perfect for beginners. It's a great way to blow off that holiday steam — and discounted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use the code STOREGASM for 25 percent off purchases starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday — or get an even bigger discount on Cyber Monday, using CUMAGAINSOON for 30 percent off.


Tryst Multi-Erogenous Zone Silicone Massager

If an average massage can help relax you, then this little massager can take you to the moon and back — all while being on sale for Black Friday with the code BF25. Use it on your nipples, clit, or wherever feels right —¸and it's so small that it'll be easy to hide under the covers.



If you really want to keep things on the DL, why not go motor-free? This massager can be used for your G-spot or anally — and it's on sale.



Dame Products makes some amazing toys — and this one went through rigorous surveying and testing to make sure it was just right. If you spend over $100 you can get a discount from Dame Products for Black Friday — and, if anyone finds it, just claim it's a back massager.


Nipple And Clit Camp

Not all sex toys have to be about penetration or clit vibrations — this nipple and clit clamp can give you some really intense sensations, no motor required. And, yup, this is also on sale through the weekend.



If a vibe isn't your style, this suction toy is a totally different sensation for your clit. Though it's normally on the pricey side, it's half off for Black Friday.


Chakrub Natural Crystal Dildo

Another motor-free wonder, this crystal dildo is designed to give you some pleasure and good vibrations all at once. Plus, Babeland is offering 20 percent off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.


Je Joue Classic Bullet Vibe

A bullet vibe is always a good option if you need some discretion and this particular model offers a lot of power so you can get some real bang for your buck — and it's also available in the Babeland sale.


Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit

If you and your partner are both home for the holidays, this kit offers so many different ways to play. It's over 11 pieces — and a real bargain in the Black Friday sale.


Mini Marvels Massager

Another great find from Babeland, this massager can be worn on your hand for some great vibes without any of the awkwardness that can come with some of the more cumbersome toys — plus it's perfect for solo use or with a partner.

Going home for the holidays can be incredibly stressful, but there are plenty of ways to unwind. If a masturbation or sex session is your stress-buster of choice, then there's no reason you can't enhance it with a toy — discreet can still mean powerful, after all.