9 Reasons Why Peter Won't Win 'The Bachelorette'

George Burns/ABC

The Bachelorette finale will finally reveal which member of the cast Rachel Lindsay decides she'd like to attempt a future with, either Eric, Peter, or Bryan. And while all three have a chance, out of the final three, it seems that Peter Kraus, the gym owner from Wisconsin, is the Internet's favorite. He's made it to the end, he may have the opportunity to ask Rachel for her hand in marriage, but Peter probably won't win The Bachelorette, and it's time for fans to prepare themselves for the reality that Peter and Rachel are not a perfect match. Peter is undoubtedly charming, and almost unrealistically handsome, but if you look closely at the past season, it becomes clear that Peter likely isn't the man that Rachel is falling in love with, or the one that she's going to choose.

That's the tragedy of watching The Bachelor and Bachelorette. As complete strangers, it's obvious to the audience (or at least to me) that Peter and Rachel make the most sense together. They're both smart, thoughtful, and gorgeous. Peter seems far more honest than Bryan and more charming than Eric, he made a strong first impression by meeting Rachel's dog, Copper, on an early one-on-one date, and his visit with Rachel's family went perfectly. But there are reasons why this couple will never actually get together.

1. The Proposal Issue

As of the ninth episode, the biggest problem between Peter and Rachel is their different philosophies on engagement. Rachel wants a proposal, while Peter would prefer to begin with a relationship, because he considers it a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to ask someone to marry him.

2. They Peaked Too Early

Rachel is incredibly expressive, and it's always easy to tell how she's feeling. And while she certainly likes Peter, her face doesn't light up the same way as when she sees Bryan. Rachel and Peter's romantic chemistry seemed to peak way back when they took a little trip into the hot tub. Since then, there hasn't been the same spark.

3. It's Awkward, But... Their Kissing

The sound of Rachel and Bryan's constant make outs skeeved out the audience all season long, but she was clearly feeling it. Sometimes real romance doesn't read on TV. And Rachel and Peter's hookups may have been more palatable onscreen, but it doesn't seem like it really sets them up for a lifetime of passion.

4. He's Too Much Of A Bachelor Type

George Burns/ABC

Maybe it's too cynical, but even if Peter and Rachel were deeply, passionately, in love, it feels like ABC would still be rooting against him winning, because he's the perfect choice for a Bachelor. He's a little older, seems ready to settle down, doesn't come across as a player, and the audience loves him.

5. Their Geographical Differences

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Peter seems deeply tied to his hometown, and Rachel loves hers. It may be small, but it seems like neither one is particularly eager to move. That can limit a potential couple's future.

6. They're Perfect On Paper

Sometimes, the couple that makes the most sense is the one that's missing a spark. Obviously, Rachel and Peter didn't meet by chance, he was selected by a group of casting professionals. It's kind of like being set up on a blind date for several months by complete strangers. And while they make a lot of logical sense together, there might be something missing.

7. The Friends Were Just Neutral

Of course Peter's parents would love Rachel and Rachel's family would love the other. They're both catnip to parents: Employed full time, serious about their own families, and good with kids. But when Peter brought his friends to meet Rachel, it was a little awkward. Peter spent most of his conversation with them second-guessing the proposal, and even though they both really like Rachel, they didn't help put his engagement jitters to rest.

8. They Haven't Formed A Deep Enough Connection

The two have talked about serious topics before, but other than a simple message of support, there hasn't been much there. It all seems a little surface level, for the point in the season, where multiple members of the cast are willing to tell Rachel they're in love with her. Peter and Rachel have exchanged "I'm falling for you"-s, but they both seem surprisingly willing to give up on the relationship. Comparatively, Bryan blew his meeting with Rachel's family, and she spent the whole time defending him passionately to her sister and mom.

9. They Have The Wrong Similarities

Similarities can keep a good couple together, but the adage "opposites attract" is more than just a cliche. Rachel really seems to like Bryan, and it's because of the ways he seems different than the types of men she would usually date: he confessed his feelings early, she admits she thought he was a "douchebag" at first, she's clearly super attracted to him... And Eric is completely, head over heels in love with Rachel at this point, and even though it doesn't seem she returns his affections quite as passionately, his openness is appreciated. Peter is more reserved — just like Rachel was on The Bachelor, and that might sink his chances.

Rachel Lindsay came to The Bachelorette looking for a guy to fall in love with and get engaged to in the finale episode. From the beginning, Peter seemed like the natural choice. But romance doesn't always fit perfectly inside the lines, and it's pretty clear that even with fans' fingers crossed in hopes they work it out, that Rachel and Peter won't get engaged in the Bachelorette finale.