9 Scary New Books For Your Spooky Campfire Reading

Everyone seems to think that Halloween is the best time of year to read about ghosts, murder, and haunted houses, but the truth is, summer should be crowned the official season of scary stories ⁠— at least, for those of us who go camping. When you're deep in the woods, with nothing but the the sounds of mysterious animals and the light from a crackling fire to keep you company, it's the perfect time to enjoy one of the year's new horror novels to read around the campfire. And by perfect, I of course mean the scariest.

If you have ever gone camping, whether it was at a campground with your family, in someone's backyard with friends, or off the beaten trail all by yourself, you know the experience isn't complete without two very important things: s'mores and scary stories. There is just something about being outside and under the stars that makes eating massive amounts of sugar and swapping tales of terror that much more fun. But what do you do when you've run out of the creepy stories you know by heart?

Grab some bug spray, a flashlight, and your security blanket and head into the woods with one of these nine horror novels that are perfect for reading around the campfire.