9 Sex Toys To Get Every Kind Of Friend For The Holidays

Sweet Vibrations

If you're exchanging gifts with friends for the holidays, you may be thinking about getting them clothes or jewelry. But why not buy sex toys as gifts for your friends instead? Depending on what your relationship with your friends is like, this may be pushing the envelope a little — but that's a good thing.

"Buying for or recommending sex toys to your friends is like a better version of sharing your skincare secret or passing off a favorite book," Eva Goicochea, co-founder and CEO of sex essentials brand maude, tells Bustle. "You're saying, 'I care about your happiness and sense of self and want you to be empowered and feel great — often.' Talking about and sharing notes on sex toys is an equalizer and a reminder that everyone's human. We've definitely heard from people who have bought a vibe for their friends on maude and we always think, 'Now, that's a thoughtful friend.'"

What are the best sex toys to get your friends, then? That depends on what your friends are like. And the gift will come off even more thoughtful if you get a friend something that suits their personality. With that in mind, here are some sex toys to get each kind of friend this holiday season.


For Your Friend Who Enjoys The Finer Things In Life

For some, a vibrator isn't just for tactile pleasure; it's for visual pleasure as well. If your friend has a discerning eye that allows them to appreciate a vibrator's decorative elements, they'll want to leave the Ora 2 out on their bedside table instead of in their drawer. It's also unusual in that its flickering motion simulates oral sex. Oh, and it's one of Amber Rose's favorite sex toys.


For Your Sensation-Seeking Friend

Some people want to do everything in the most extreme way possible. If you have a friend like that, they'll probably enjoy Le Wand, which boasts some of the most powerful vibrations any sex toy has ever had. In fact, it's probably rivaled only by the Hitachi Magic Wand, which it's actually modeled after. The difference is, while the Hitachi insists it's merely a massager, Le Wand proudly owns its status as a sex toy — and a powerful one at that.


For Your Thrill-Seeking Friend

Vibrations aren't enough for some people, especially those whose other hobbies include rock climbing and skydiving. If that's your friend, shock them (literally) with this dildo that promises pleasure via electric shock. Don't worry: If that turns out to be a bit too much even for your thrill-seeking friend, there's also a vibration mode.


For Your Friend Who's Shy About Sex Toys

If your friend is new to sex toys or timid about using them, start them off simple with Fin, a tiny vibrator that they or their partner can wear on their finger. With Fin, you can pleasure yourself or a partner the same way you would if you used your hand, except with some added vibration.


For Your Friend Who Wants to Spice Up Their Sex Life

Eva, $135, Dame Products

Any friend of yours who's in a relationship could use a toy like Eva II, which you wear during sex for added clitoral stimulation. It fits right over the vulva, so no hands are necessary. If they haven't yet used sex toys with a partner, this one's so little and unobstructive, it makes for an easy introduction.


For Your Friend Who's In An LDR

Those in LDRs will appreciate the distance-spanning powers of the We-Vibe Sync, which connects to an app that lets your partner control it from thousands of miles away. And when they unite, they can use it together: It folds over the vagina and clitoris for clitoral stimulation during intercourse.


For Your Friend Who Already Seems To Own Every Sex Toy Ever

Some people are sex toy collectors. But even if your friend already owns most of the usual toys you hear about, they probably don't own Sweet Vibrations' new release, tuLips. Its unique design allows for stimulation of the entire clitoris (because it's not just the part you see!). Your already knowledgable friend just may end up learning something new about their body with this vibrator.


For Your Friend Who's Always In A Hurry

Over half of the Womanizer's users orgasm in less than a minute, so your super busy friend will have no excuse not to squeeze in regular masturbation sessions after receiving this unique sex toy, which cups the clit and sucks it in with special "PleasureAir" technology. Plus, it comes in beautifully festive designs.


For Your Friend Who's Single AF

There are lots of great things about being single, but sometimes, you miss having a warm body next to you — unless you have a sex toy that mimics one. This dildo's realistic pulsations allow it to do everything a penis can, except better, because it vibrates.

Consider giving your friends the gift of pleasure this season, and you just may want to pick up one of these toys for yourself, too. We all deserve a sexy treat for the holidays, after all.