How To Play With *This* Body Part

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Most people with clitorises are familiar with the visible part that sticks out above the vaginal opening. But that's literally just the tip of the iceberg. The inner clitoris extends four inches below the surface of the skin, branching out into legs and bulbs on either side of the vaginal canal. (If you're having trouble picturing that, take a look here.) But just because it's hidden doesn't mean there's not a ton you can do with it.

"Any technique that involves grinding against the vulva can stimulate the inner clitoris," Astroglide's resident sexologist "Dr. Jess" O'Reilly tells Bustle. That leaves a lot of possibilities. Pressure against the vaginal lips rubs against the internal bulbs, pressing against the walls stimulates the inner clit's legs, and pulling on the pubic mound can also pull on the inner shaft for a "mini hand job," she says.

Dr. Jess recommends getting a We-Vibe Wish if you want to explore your inner clitoris, since it cups the vulva perfectly. There are also a bunch of techniques you can use to take advantage of what lays below the surface of your clit. Here are some moves Dr. Jess recommends to stimulate your own inner clit or a partner's.

The Pussy Pocket

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Hold your whole hand over the vulva and press down, rubbing or even pulsating to vary it up.

The Slide

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Put lube over your hand, place it at the bottom of the vulva where the lips meet, and slide it up and down, putting extra pressure on the head of the clit at the top.

The Vibe

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Put a small vibrator between the legs and squeeze them together around them.

As Dr. Jess points out in The New Sex Bible, you're probably engaging the inner clitoris already. It swells up when you get aroused, making the vagina tighter and the clit double its original size. But these tricks will let you get even more pleasure from it. Isn't it fun to discover all the amazing things your body's capable of?