Amber Rose Reveals Her 6 Favorite Sex Toys — And Why You Should Try Them

Courtesy of LELO

Amber Rose is known as an advocate for sex-positivity, so many were surprised to learn on The Amber Rose Show in 2016 that she had never used a sex toy. But since then, she has not only discovered the wonders of the vibrator (and the butt plug and the cock ring) but also curated her own collection of sex toys to introduce others to them. Rose teamed up with sex toy brand LELO to put together a collection of six toys to please a variety of people and destigmatize masturbation.

"Sex toys in general are very taboo," Rose tells Bustle. "And people — especially guys when it comes to their girlfriends — they're like, 'I'm good enough, you don't need that.'" Rose hopes to help people get over this idea that sex toys are a threat to their users' partners because it's not helping anyone. It's just making everyone feel guilty about exploring every kind of pleasure they're capable of.

"People are just raised in a society that frowns upon women having any type of pleasure. It's like we're wrong if we want to introduce a sex toy into our sex life with our significant others because they feel insecure. But guess what? They come every time and usually women don't, and so sex toys do help," she says.

That might be an exaggeration, but she's on to something: A 2017 study in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 65 percent of straight women orgasmed every (or almost every) time they engaged in sexual activity over the past month, compared to 95 percent of straight men. But the difference between lesbians and gay men was just 86 percent versus 89 percent. The problem isn't that women are poorly designed; it's that straight women are expected to orgasm through penetration. "Guys don't understand that it takes a lot more than just getting penetrated for us to come," says Rose. "A little help never hurt nobody." And that's where toys can come in.

That doesn't mean sex toys are just for women, though. It was also important for Rose to include male toys to end the stigma around men enjoying sex toys or prostate stimulation. "Sex toys and masturbation are the safest sex in the world," she says. "There's nothing like exploring your own body and getting to know yourself."

Since everyone likes different things, the toys in Rose's curated LELO collection are geared toward all different kinds of pleasure. Here's what's included:

1. INA Wave

Courtesy of LELO

Ina Wave, $199, LELO

Since some people prefer penetration and some prefer clitoral stimulation, Rose decided to include a toy that provides the best of both worlds. The G-spot and clitoral stimulators combined can provide a blended orgasm.

2. LOKI Wave

Courtesy of LELO

LOKI Wave, $219, LELO

This prostate massager has two motors for both the prostate and the perineum, so those with prostates can explore a type of pleasure they may not have ever experienced before.

3. ORA 2

Courtesy of LELO

Ora 2, $189, LELO

Oral sex lovers will love this toy designed to mimic oral sex. There's a little nub inside that moves across the surface like a big tongue.

4. TIANI 2

Courtesy of LELO

TIANI 2, $159, LELO

In line with Rose's goal to close the orgasm gap, this toy can be worn during sex to provide extra clitoral stimulation. The faster you move, the stronger the vibrations get.

5. GIGI 2

Courtesy of LELO

GIGI 2, $139, LELO

The tip of this vibrator can help you explore G-spot stimulation, or if that's not your thing, it can also deliver powerful vibrations to your clitoris.

6. TOR 2


TOR 2, $139, LELO

A cock ring is another helpful aid to bring both partners more pleasure during sex. In addition to stimulating the clit, it can also help those with penises last longer.

With this curated collection, Rose has a larger mission than helping people get off. She's trying to get people talking about sex. "I think that people need to start thinking about sex as something that's very normal for human beings," she says. "It's just how we are born, how our makeup is. Stop thinking it's something taboo and weird because it's not. Everybody wants pleasure, even women, even moms. It's very normal, and we need to just make masturbation very normal and talk about it." With products this fun, it's hard not to.