Signs Corinne Will Join 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Marenah Dobin
Rick Rowell/ABC

The reality of The Bachelor is that it's only possible for one person to win Nick Viall's heart at the end of the show. That doesn't mean the reality TV journey is over for all of the other contestants, though. In my opinion, there are already plenty of signs that the most recent woman to leave the series, Corinne Olympios, will end up on Bachelor in Paradise.

I really feel like the Season 21 standout is meant to be on reality television and I believe that BiP would be the perfect fit for her. I know. I know. At first, a lot of the fandom just wanted Corinne off their television screens. And I get it. She had some off-putting moments in the beginning, but if you have an open mind (and heart), you have probably come to notice Corinne's more endearing side. At the very least, you have to admit that Corinne's quotes and antics are hysterical.

Unfortunately, I have no inside information about the casting process, but I am a self-diagnosed reality TV addict, so I would like to think I know what I'm talking about. Sure, there was some chemistry between the controversial contestant and Bachelor Nick, but it when it comes to Corinne, all roads lead to Paradise and there is plenty of evidence to support that claim.

1. It Could Make For A Redemption Story

People have been hating on my girl hard this season. Paradise would be the perfect place for people to see the other sides of Corinne and give her a chance in a new setting. "Villains" Nick Viall and JJ Lane went on BiP and got major image reboots as a result. Corinne could follow suit.

2. She Is The Most Talked-About Contestant

On and off the show, people are talking about Corinne or waiting for an excuse to bring her up. There is no doubt that this would also be the case if Corinne took her talents to the Bachelor spinoff.

3. She Is So Quotable

Right from the jump, Corinne was saying the best things. No matter what was happening, Corinne always had an opinion and it was usually a hilarious one. That just the kind of person BiP always needs.

4. Her Naps Would Fit Right In

It definitely looked like Corinne enjoyed her slumber at the Bachelor mansion, but there's nothing better than taking a nap on the beach under the glistening sun. This chronic occurrence would fit in perfectly on BiP since the show has a more humorous tone than The Bachelor. For instance, Josh Murray's love of pizza would be on the cutting room floor of The Bachelorette, but it fit in perfectly on BiP. The naps were shown on The Bachelor, were well-received by the audience, and show that Corinne's behavior is humorous enough to take to the tropical resort this summer.

5. She Has No Issue Making The First Move

Corinne would not be one of those contestants just hanging around the resort with her friends. She wants to find love and she would have no issue talking to any guy who strikes her interest.

6. She Is Comfortable With Her Sexuality

A lot of people seem to censor themselves when they are on reality TV, but Corinne keeps it real and actually stimulates important dialogue about sexuality in relationships The Bachelor and Bachelorette are typically pretty vague when it comes to depicting possible sexual situations, but BiP is a much more open setting when it comes to sexual relationship progression.

7. She (Probably) Still Has Tokens To Hand Out

What happened to that huge bag of hug tokens that Corinne gave Nick on the first night? I doubt he redeemed all of those. She should just bring the rest to Paradise as a way to break the ice with the eligible men at the resort. I might be the only one who remembers this gift she gave Nick on the first night, but I think the producers could have just left this lingering as a to-be-continued story line that Corinne will pick up in Paradise.

8. She Puts Effort Into Relationships

Instead of giving Corinne flack for her boob holding moment, the bouncey house make-out session, and the whipped cream incident, let's look at those times from another perspective. If you think about it, those moments demonstrate Corinne's continued effort to maintain a relationship and deepen closeness. Sure, a lot of it was out of bounds considering the whole other people were right there aspect, but the point is that Corinne is the kind of person who puts in constant effort when it comes to her relationships. I bet there's someone in Paradise who would appreciate this.

9. She Is Reality TV Gold

Corinne is truly meant for reality TV. She doesn't try to be perfect on the show. She is just herself and that's more than enough to entertain the masses.

Corinne is at home in front of the camera. If anyone deserves to be on Bachelor in Paradise, it's Corinne Olympios.