9 Signs You Have A High-Functioning Personality Disorder

There are so many different types of personality disorders. (Ten, to be exact.) And each one of them comes with its own set of unique symptoms, as well as ways it can affect daily life. They're all very different, and yet most personality disorders have a few things in common, such as black and white thinking, a trail of toxic relationships, and an unstable sense of self. All of these things can be signs of a personality disorder.

But with a high-functioning personality disorder, you can still get up and go about your day, and maintain a relatively predictable life. You aren't too majorly impacted by your symptoms, and yet you can tell something's not quite right. You might, for example, have relationship problems you can't readily explain, or problems at work, or an inability to handle stress. And added up, that may all point to a personality disorder.

"A personality disorder is categorized by having an unhealthy or irregular thought process, and possessing rigid ways of behaving and functioning in society," Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert at Maple Holistics, tells Bustle. "Depending on the disorder, the [person] could find it difficult to understand and interact with certain people or social situations. Some [people] find they can manage in the day-to-day world, albeit somewhat awkwardly. Others [may be] too afraid to face their coworkers, friends, family, and strangers on the street. It is a wide spectrum."

Wherever you might fall on that spectrum, it is possible to improve symptoms and have an easier time in life, usually with the help of therapy or medication. Here are a few symptoms that may not seem too intense, but may still be a sign of a personality disorder — especially if they're rigid, unchanging, and long-standing.