9 Signs Your Partner Doesn't Respect You Enough

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

If you're looking to build and maintain a happy, healthy relationship, you should be aware that it takes more than just ~love~ to make things last: partners also need to share a mutual foundation of respect, too. In order to have a true partnership, it's crucial that both people feel like they're equals in every sense of the word — which isn't possible if one partner feels disrespected by the other. So how can you tell if your partner respects you? Respect looks and feels different to everyone, so just listen to your gut and watch out for any signs that your partner doesn't respect you.

"There's a common misconception that respect between romantic partners means control, meeting demands or subjugation," life coach Jined Lamata tells Bustle. "Respect is synonymous with admiration for one another and the ability to understand that they see life differently than you. Seeing them for who they are and what their beliefs are rather than trying to mould them into what we think they should be. Respect is celebrating each other's differences and each other's potential for growth without imposing our own beliefs. I always say, when you choose a partner, you're gaining a new set of eyes to see the world. Having respect in a relationship is the ability to understand that perspective!"

If two people have mutual respect for one another, overcoming relationship obstacles will be so much easier, because they'll approach any conflict with the ability and desire to see things from the other's perspective. But if there's a lack of respect on behalf of one or both partners, the relationship runs a serious risk of falling apart when times get tough. Here are nine signs that your partner doesn't respect you enough to be on the lookout for.