9 Sexy TV Moments To Revisit This Valentine's Day

Candy hearts, flowers, chocolate, handcuffs, whipped cream... Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to being the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day can also be the sexiest. If you're in a relationship that likes to embrace the saucy side of the holiday, or if you're flying solo but still want to heat things up, there are plenty of shows currently streaming that you can go to for, eh, inspiration. In fact, some of the sexiest TV moments ever are on Netflix right now.

We're in a new world of television. New platforms and ways of consuming entertainment have heightened drama. Television is more inclusive with more LGBTQ, diverse, and feminist characters than ever. Of course, sex on TV is being had by all of the aforementioned — and it's hot y'all. Those new platforms have also circumvented regulations, letting sex scenes get even steamier. Between the better stories and more lax censorship policies, we're in the golden age of TV sex scenes thanks to streaming.

So, if Valentine's Day has you searching for the hottest TV sex scenes ever, Netflix has you covered. Here are nine of the sexiest moments you can stream right now to spice up your Valentine's Day, or any other night.


'Sense8': Basically Everyone Has An Orgy


Netflix's Sense8 has a few hot sex scenes, but the one that stands out is the "telepathic orgy" between mnny of the show's characters. The scene shows consensual sex (in a pool) between characters of various genders and sexual orientations. Check it out in Season 1, Episode 6.


'OITNB': Alex & Piper's Shower

OK, there are lots of sex scenes on OITNB. But, Piper and Alex's chemistry sort of stands out in comparison — especially in their pre-prison flashbacks. In the very first episode of the series, the characters have enviable shower sex.


'Grace & Frankie': Grace & Phil Hook Up


The titular characters may be in their 70s, but they have needs, and that's something most other series forget. The women date, use sex toys, and even make their own organic lube. But, there is one sexy scene that stands out. Jane Fonda’s character, Grace, and Sam Elliott’s character, Phil, make love in Season 2, Episode 10, and the camera doesn’t cut away from them or just allude to what's happening.


'Scandal': Fitz Goes Down On Olivia

There's a long list of double standards in Hollywood, but one that stands out is the lack of oral sex performed on female characters in television and film. Fitz and Olivia's sex scenes are always steamy, but the Season 2, Episode 22 moment in which Fitz goes down on Olivia is pretty hot, and pretty significant.


'Easy': The Threesome

Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Easy explores sex, relationships, and technology for a modern audience through an anthology format. While every episode sheds light on the modern dimensions of sex and relationships, the Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, and Kate Micucci episode was particularly provocative. Bloom and Akerman play a couple who desire to bring in a third sexual partner. On many TV shows, the couple would back out or there would be hurt feelings, but Easy doesn't take the easy way out. Not only do the three consenting adults go through with it, but the scene in Season 1, Episode 6 is hot.


'Jessica Jones': Jessica & Luke's Unbreakable Sex

These superheroes may have unbreakable bodies, but in Season 1, Episode 3, they do not have an unbreakable bed. Did it just get hot in here?


'Luke Cage': Luke & Misty Don't Want Coffee

Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Once you've cooled down from Luke and Jessica, you can see Luke's sexy sessions with Misty Knight, a badass detective. Their chemistry is pretty palpable as early as Season 1, Episode 1.


'Mad Men': Betty & The Dryer

Mad Men has lots of sex scenes, but I'm over the whole male antihero thing. Instead, it's worth revisiting when Betty takes matters into her own hands in Season 1, Episode 11 and uses the dryer to get hers. Get it, girl.


'Black Mirror' Yorkie & Kelly

David Dettmann/Netflix

Let's end the list with some romance. While Yorkie and Kelly have a sexy connection, the couple also gives viewers the love story we didn't know we needed in one of the most surprising places: Black Mirror. In Season 3 Episode 4, Black Mirror stays true to its sci-fi voice while delivering a futuristic, thought-provoking love story for a modern audience.

Thanks to all of these scenes, anyone with a Netflix account can have a sexy Valentine's day.