15 Best & Most Revolutionary TV Sex Scenes Of 2015

While you may be busy with the year 2015 coming to a close, you should always make time for good sex. That's why I've combed through the best TV sex scenes of 2015. Yes, it's easy to be distracted with buying presents and making New Year's Eve plans towards the end of the year, but I hope you can find some time for sex — including sex that occurs between fictional TV characters. It's always difficult to capture every good sex scene with the plethora of sexy TV on nowadays (for example, I missed that The Americans gave cable TV its first 69 scene ever last year), but I dove in deep in the name of entertainment!

Though you may expect Showtime series like Masters of Sex and The Affair — with their sex-insinuating titles — to land on this list, those shows didn't really break the sex scene mold in 2015 the way they have done in years past. So as you get ready to ring in 2016, let's take a look at the 15 most revolutionary TV sex scenes of the past year. Get ready to be hot and bothered.

1. The Countess, Donovan, & Their Victims in American Horror Story: Hotel

In the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel , Lady Gaga's character, the Countess, was introduced with a bang. The blood-drinking woman hit the town with her boy toy of the decade, Matt Bomer's Donovan, and seduced an attractive couple at an outdoor movie. The Countess and Donovan brought the unknowing pair to the Hotel Cortez and had their sexy way with them, which ended with slitting their throats and drinking their blood. Sex has never looked so horrifying.

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2. Jessica Jones & Luke Cage In Marvel's Jessica Jones

When two people with superhuman abilities get it on, it's bound to be sexy. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had sex before revealing to each other that they had superhero skills, but the sex scenes once they both knew what they were capable of were steamy — and strong. The unbreakable man and the strong woman didn't have to hold back in their sex lives for the first time ever, and ended up breaking the bed in Season 1, Episode 3.

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3. Frank & Claire In House of Cards

Season 3's sex scene between Claire and Frank wasn't the best sex ever shown on House of Cards , but it was monumental for it being the first time the power couple actually had sex on screen. And it was in the White House no less.

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4. Becky & J Poppa In Empire

While not the most scandalous sex scene on Empire , Gabourey Sidibe's character's rooftop sex session with J Poppa is notable for showcasing a plus size woman's sexuality. What makes the scene remarkable is the fact that the show didn't act like it's a big deal for Becky to be getting down and dirty — because it isn't. In fact, the scene inspired the hashtag #MyFatSexStory on Twitter, where women shared their own experiences. Sidibe also shut down any haters in a blog entry on Entertainment Weekly, writing, "Also, yes. I, a plus sized, dark-skinned woman, had a love scene on primetime television. I had the most fun ever filming that scene even though I was nervous. But I felt sexy and beautiful and I felt like I was doing a good job. I’m very proud of the work we all did to make that scene a great opening for the episode."

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5. Connor & Oliver In How To Get Away with Murder

Connor has consistently provided some of the raciest sex scenes between gay men on network TV and that hasn't changed in Season 2 of the ABC series. In the episode "Hi, I'm Philip," Connor and his boyfriend Oliver performed oral sex on one another in Professor Annalise Keating's classroom, which is even more monumental since Oliver is HIV positive. And that wasn't even the episode's only offering, as many of the other characters were knocking boots in the same sex montage.

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6. Wes & Dean Munsch In Scream Queens

Grace and her father Wes came up with the plan for him to seduce Dean Munsch to discover the Red Devil killer — and he did so clad in only a Speedo (with a rose). In addition to showing sex between an older woman and younger man, Wes actor Oliver Hudson embraced his "dad bod" for the scene.

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7. Almost Everyone In Sense8

Netflix's Sense8 had some of the best gay and straight sex on TV in 2015, but the most talked about scene was the telepathic orgy between almost every character, regardless of gender or sexual orientation in Episode 6.

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8. Olivia & Fitz In Scandal

In the Season 5 premiere, for the first time in Scandal history, Olivia and Fitz were able to act like a normal couple (though, not in public or anything), including making love with reckless abandon.

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9. Desi & Marnie in Girls

Girls started Season 4 with its trademarked awkward and realistic sex scenes with Desi performing anilingus on Marnie in the kitchen as a break from one of their music sessions. Apparently, that's the way to her heart since the pair ended Season 4 engaged.

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10. Shelly & Maura in Transparent

Perhaps this sex scene from Season 2 of Transparent isn't the sexiest one out there. But having a woman in her 60s being fingered by her transgender ex-spouse while she's in the bathtub shows a complex relationship and breaks some serious ground — even if some viewers are too close-minded to accept that older people want to orgasm too.

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11. Big Boo & Rachel In Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black has always delivered great lesbian sex scenes, but the show upped it in Season 3, Episode 4 when fans got insight into Big Boo's past. Big Boo had a sex scene in a flashback where she used a strap-on dildo with her girlfriend at the time. Actress Lea DeLaria told Cosmo, "... that's a very important part of being a butch, and it's something that most people don't talk about or discuss at all. And the fact that I am literally having sex with a dildo in this episode, in the proper way, actually strapped on, the way butches do it, is amazing. I mean, when do you see that, other than maybe in porn?"

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12. Abbi & Jeremy In Broad City

Along with Orange Is the New Black , another series used a strap-on in a much more hilarious fashion — Broad City . In Season 2 of the Comedy Central show, Abbi had sex with her dreamy neighbor Jeremy, except he wanted her to use a strap-on to have anal sex with him. (The term for which is "pegging.") Abbi decided to go for it, but after destroying his beloved dildo by running it through the dishwasher, Abbi and Jeremy's sexual relationship came to an abrupt end.

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13. Brett & Michelle In Togetherness

Another awkward sex session on the list belongs to Brett and Michelle in Season 1 of the HBO show Togetherness . In an honest depiction of middle-aged, married-life sex, the couple tried to have sex in a hotel room to limited success, including Brett saying, "I can’t stop mid-f*ck and have a meeting with you." Writers Jay and Mark Duplass (who portrays Brett) used inspiration from their own lives to write the show's realistic sex scenes, according to Slate. And props to the Duplass brothers for being more into showing male nudity than another HBO show (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*).

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14. Patrick & Kevin In Looking

HBO’s Looking was canceled after Season 2, but that doesn't mean the 2015 sex list shouldn't include a Jonathan Groff sex scene. In the third episode of Season 2, Patrick and his British boss Kevin enjoyed some cuddling and some sex with Patrick on top. While Looking won't be on your TV anymore, they are filming a movie to finish off the storylines of the series.

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15. Claire & Jamie in Outlander

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Outlander portrays some of the most realistic, intimate sex and nudity on TV. The Starz show's sex scenes focus on female pleasure, like it did in Season 1, episode 10, "By the Pricking of My Thumbs," which started with the smoldering Jamie performing oral sex on his wife Claire. The married couple's morning sex almost got interrupted, but there were no complaints from Claire — or fans — of the show. Although Jamie will still be significantly damaged from what happened to him at the end of Season 1 when Outlander returns in 2016, I still expect the series to give viewers the quality sex scenes that fans have come to expect. And the other shows on this list better keep it up in 2016 too.

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