9 Subtle Mannerisms Body Experts Say Can Make You Seem Less Sure Of Yourself

When we want something badly or feel unsure of ourselves, we can usually find ways to play it cool, but sometimes our body language can deceive us. Actions can speak louder than words, and there are a number of nervous body language cues that we may not mean intentionally, but experts say to look out for. Sometimes they're hard to avoid, but becoming aware of the signals our bodies are giving off can help us put our best foot forward, better improve our relationships, or achieve our goals.

"We are never NOT communicating," voice and communications coach Julia Montague tells Bustle. "We can control what we say on a conscious level, but we will often ‘leak’ how we feel on a more unconscious level. We can say we are OK, and non-verbal clues such as lack of eye contact, rounding the shoulders and the tone and energy of the voice may all be the give a ways to say something very different."

If you're having a hard time connecting with people and accomplishing the relationships you want, you might want to look at how you're moving. Body language that seems nervous, overly eager, and potentially desperate can give off a different impression than you intend. To remedy this, pay attention to these nine subtle mannerisms that body language experts say might come off as unsure of yourself.