9 Times 'Full House' Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Family Relationships

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The late '80s and '90s were a great time for TV, but no show stood out quite like Full House. It had it all: wholesome plots, lovable characters, and and memorable moments each season. While Full House was, of course, a family show, there was also a ton of comedy, as well as dramatic episodes discussing subjects like eating disorders and teen debauchery. And there were plenty of heartwarming Tanner family moments on Full House that are simply unforgettable, and gave us all serious family #goals.

If you didn't have a lot of siblings or people living with you at home, an episode of Full House, featuring an adorably goofy family coming together each episode, was always a great escape. And if you did have a big family — a full house, if you will — the show was something you could frequently relate to time and time again. Full House was the epitome of feel good TV, and the antics of the Tanners and co. left a lasting impression on viewers. The Full House fam gave us all unrealistic expectations when it came to family, love, and more, but the moments below were totally worth it.

1. When Uncle Jesse Decides To Move Out & Leave Michelle

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In Season 4, when Jesse marries Becky, they decide to move in together, away from the Tanner household. Michelle thinks that they're all moving together, but when she realizes she has to say goodbye to Jesse, it's heartbreaking. Watch for yourself, but that last "Goodbye Uncle Jesse" really just is too much. It all ends up being a happy ending, with Jesse and Becky making the attic an apartment, but this scene is still a tearjerker.

2. When Uncle Jesse Becomes A Housewife For A Second

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The three men in the house are the caretakers of the kids and the house, and this scene of Uncle Jesse taking the helm as housewife is just amazing. What an Emmy snub, because John Stamos hits this out of the park.

3. When Comet Is Born

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It's hard to think of Full House without the beloved Comet. But actually, the Tanners don't get the dog until Season 3. A dog that they name Minnie has babies on Uncle Jesse's bed, and when the owner comes to collect them all, he offers the fam one to keep. Danny isn't super thrilled at the idea, but the kids jump on it and the decision to keep Comet makes for a great family moment.

4. When Uncles Jesse Serenades Becky At Their Wedding

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One of the best relationships on the show is that between Jesse and Becky. They're just great together, with chemistry off the charts. So of course, when it comes time for their wedding, it's a beautiful occasion. Then Jesse goes and serenades Becky, leaving everyone in buckets of tears. And the baby pictures of the two?! Ugh, my heart.

5. When Becky Tries To Use Baby Carrots To Announce She's Pregnant

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When it comes time for Jesse and Becky to start a family, the way Becky decides to tell him she's pregnant is truly iconic. The baby food theme is amazing, even if it isn't something Jesse can figure out too easily.

6. When Steve Comes to Disney To Meet DJ

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Full House portrayed young love so sweetly, and when Steve decides to come crash DJ's family vacation to Disney World, it makes for an adorable episode.

7. When Michelle Tries To Play Matchmaker For Danny

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In Season 5, Michelle sweetly tries to hook her dad up with her teacher. It's a hilariously cute tactic, although her reason for setting Danny up is heartbreaking (she wants a mom). Of course, it all leads to a classic Tanner Family Scene.

8. When DJ And Stephanie Have A Perfect Sister Moment

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Another tearjerking moment revolving around the girls' late mom. In this episode, Stephanie has to deal with not having her mom around for important things like her Honeybee mom slumber party. Becky is meant to come with Steph instead, but a car problem prevents her from being able to show up. However, the bummer of an evening leads to this beautiful scene between sisters.

9. When Michelle Loses Her Memory And Asks About Her Mom

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In the very last episode of the series, Michelle falls off her horse and loses her memory. She doesn't know anything at all, and has to interact with people who love her deeply without remembering who they are. One of the saddest moments of the episode is when she asks where her mom is, and the family has to break it to her (again) that she died. Michelle eventually gets her memory back, of course, and it is such a heartwarming end to the series.

Full House really knew how to bring on the tears when it came to the Tanners.