A Cardi B & Selena Gomez Collaboration Is Coming Soon — And Even Kulture Might Be Involved

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With just a few weeks left until Labor Day, you might think the music industry is out of time to produce yet another song of the summer. But you'd be wrong. A Cardi B and Selena Gomez collaboration is on the way with DJ Snake and Ozuna, and even baby Kulture might be involved...sort of. Late on August 24, the performers took to Instagram to post behind-the-scenes hints of what's to come. Predictably, each photo and video is greater than the next.

According to Billboard, Ozuna revealed on Instagram that the name of the song is "Taki Taki". Gomez posted an album to Instagram that showed herself, Cardi B, Ozuna, and DJ Snake in coordinating red outfits, but didn't reference the "Taki Taki" title. There was also one of Gomez rocking Selena Quintanilla-inspired hair and cuddling up to Cardi, and it should be put in a museum immediately.

The most exciting of all, though, has to be Cardi's Instagram of chairs. Not just any chairs, mind you: Personalized director's chairs from the set. There's one for each member of the secret collaboration, and best of all, there's a mini one for Kulture! That, combined with her video showing off new personalized items for her baby — including a selection of divine fur coats — begs the question: Is Kulture involved on the Selena Gomez x Cardi B track? And if not, does this mean that she'll at least make her global debut the "Taki Taki" music video?

Gomez kept fans waiting for more about "Taki Taki" with the simple caption, "Today was so much fun". Even Cardi B, often known for her effusive, profanity-laden captions, kept things pretty quiet. "Soon come," she wrote under a photo of chairs, accompanied by a winking face, "On set!" Under a video where she discusses the gifts she's recently been given for baby Kulture, her "Kulture Vulture" (or is she saying Kulture Wulture?), there's still barely any information.

Cardi wrote "Thank you everybody!!" and included a shout-out to the person that designed Kulture's pocket-sized furs, adding that "music and video will be out soon". But why hasn't anyone else mentioned "Taki Taki" on Instagram? Are they dropping the song at the same time as the video? And is there even a hint of a release date? Eager fans have to know. Again, there's only so much time to release "Taki Taki" while it still has a chance to become a contender for "song of the summer". Unless they're looking to do a song of the fall, but that's less of a thing.

Now, please enjoy Cardi B showing off baby gifts from the set of the "Taki Taki" video. "I love this song," she coos, "I love this video, you're gonna love this record, I love it!" Just to make it clear, though: There isn't even a sample of it playing in the background.

Now, one thing is for sure: The video will feature a lot of the color red.

Even if you aren't as fine or supernaturally talented as the four-person crew on this mystery "Taki Taki" jam. Please, in the name of all that is holy — in the name of baby-sized fur coats for Kulture — drop the song before the summer ends. People need this. Also, is anyone else kind of hungry for some Takis now?