Kate Walsh Sort Of Let It Slip That 'Girls Trip 2' Is Actually Happening

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For those who want to see another Girls Trip, it seems you're not alone. While visiting The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, April 18, Kate Walsh said that playing Ryan's (Regina Hall) business agent, Elizabeth Davelli in the 2017 comedy was "literally the funnest job" she's ever had. Walsh also teased that the fun doesn't have to stop because a Girls Trip sequel could happen. After all, who doesn't want to see what Tiffany Haddish will do with a piece of fruit this time around?

No surprise, working on the hit comedy film was a lot of fun to work on. "It was a blast doing," Walsh told Williams, who then asked if Girls Trip 2 was coming anytime soon. "I think so," Walsh said getting a round of applause from the excited crowd. "Yeah, that's what I hear."

While nothing's been confirmed and Walsh didn't have any details — she actually crossed her fingers as proof, if it's happening, it's still in its early stages — there's clearly many reasons why these girls should reunite. The obvious being that Girls Trip was a historic film. It was "the first film produced, directed, written by and starring African Americans to make $100 million in ticket sales," according to BlackFilm.

Not to mention, it's the film that officially made Tiffany Haddish a household name, which is one of the reasons Walsh loves the movie so much. She told Williams that “part of the joy of doing that shoot, other than working with [director] Malcolm Lee and all the girls, was watching Tiffany become a star." Walsh said that aspect of the movie "was very special, really exciting."

What would also be really exciting is seeing the now famous Haddish re-team with the other amazing women of the movie — Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah — for a sequel. Especially since Haddish told People last year that she keeps in touch with her Girls Trip costars. “I talk to them all the time, and not just the ladies either," she said. "I’m in Atlanta shooting a movie and Kofi Siriboe came over to my house the other day with Issa Rae and ate fried chicken and drank all my soda. And then Chris Rock came over. I was like, ‘This is amazing.'”

That bond is what got the stars of the movie talking about a sequel. “In my head, we are planning a sequel,” she told People back in October. “Latifah and I, we’ve talked about it. Regina and I, we’ve talked about it. Jada and I, we’ve talked about it. Jada and I feel like if they made Bad Moms 2, they should make a Girls Trip 2.”

Last month, Pinkett Smith told Entertainment Tonight that there had been some "whispers" about a Girls Trip sequel, "but nothing had been solidified." That didn't stop her from coming up with some suggestions for the next movie, like it being set it in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "That could be pretty dangerous," she said before looking directly into the camera and saying. "But it could be fun."

Haddish suggested that the movie take place in Africa, telling ET, "Don't get me to crying. I would love for our people to see like, and when I say 'our people' I mean all Americans, to see how beautiful Africa really is."

For Hall, she wants to see some new actors join her posse, including Nia Long. She even listed out the reasons why Long would be a good travel companion, the third being "we'd get all the dudes and every hip-hop artist."

But, it's Haddish's suggestion for a new castmember that might surprise you. She's said multiple times, the latest being on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, that she wants Meryl Streep to play her mom in Girls Trip 2. She's even pitched the idea to Streep. At the 2018 Oscars, she jumped over a velvet rope to meet Streep on the red carpet, shouting at her, "You're gonna be my momma? You're gonna be my momma!" before curtseying as you do to such Hollywood royalty.

Having Meryl join the cast would certainly be great, but let's be honest, fans just want to take another vacay with the Flossy Posse. Here's to hoping Kate Walsh gets a chance to tag along once again.