A Guy Proposed At A ‘Black Panther’ Screening In Full Cosplay & Twitter Is OBSESSED

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Black Panther fans have plenty to celebrate: The film has officially had the third-biggest opening in superhero film history, it's on its way to a four-day projection of $213 million, and it's earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. But a couple of fans who are winning the internet's collective heart have even more to celebrate, because a guy surprised his girlfriend at a Black Panther screening and proposed in full costume — and, of course, she said yes.

Fans around the couple documented the moment when the fully costumed groom-to-be, who was dressed as none other than Wakandan king T'Challa himself, took a knee at a Feb. 15 showing of Black Panther. According to Mashable, his girlfriend was out with her friends, and though he didn't have a ticket of his own, he popped in to pop the question.

The proposal took place at Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, one of the Alamo Drafthouse locations that made headlines in 2017 for offering women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. After news of the engagement spread, the the theater responded on Twitter, saying, "Step up your game, gentlemen."

Other folks have also taken to Twitter to comment on the proposal, and most appear utterly smitten with the unnamed couple and their powerhouse proposal.

It seems people in the theater were totally charmed.

Meanwhile, some on social media are setting new standards.

Others are recognizing the fact that it may have taken some serious commitment to have to leave the theater post-proposal.

And even the official Marvel account joined in the love.

While this couple appears to be the first to have gotten engaged at a Black Panther showing, the groom-to-be is far from the first to get engaged while in costume. Fans showing each other love while showing their favorite characters love is a time-honored tradition, and tons of proposals have taken place at fan events, including recent convention Phoenix Comicon 2017, which had not one but two in-costume proposals hit the news.

The first was cosplaying couple Christopher Baker and Amy Crowe Secrest, both members of the 501st Legion, "a massive organization of members that cosplay 'any canon villains from Star Wars,'" USA TODAY reported. Baker popped the question to Secrest in front of an enormous group of Star Wars cosplayers, but he didn't intend for his proposal to go as viral as it did.

"I was unaware of where the photo would be and didn't realize that it would be in front of the whole convention," he told The Arizona Republic. "When it was happening I only saw her."

Phoenix Comicon 2017's second proposal was a little more low-key — cosplayers Megan Cota and Steven Keller got engaged at a photo shoot while dressed as Jack and Commander Shepard, respectively, from the video game series Mass Effect.

Cota told The Geek Lyfe that she at first thought the proposal was a prank, and that Keller "got halfway through his spiel before I realized he was actually proposing." She added, "It was completely unexpected, and I still haven't processed it fully. Apparently he had been planning it for months and hid the ring at his work and then behind our hedgehog's cage when con time came around."

Keller's costume, though rad, made continuing to conceal the ring just a little difficult. He told The Geek Lyfe, "We were getting ready for the photo shoot, Megan was off touching up makeup, and I was panicking trying to figure out where to hide the ring in my cosplay. It stuck out too much in my pockets, it didn’t fit in my boot, I was barely able to fit it in a pouch on my belt." But Keller worked it out, and like the Black Panther couple, he and Cota ended up happily engaged.

One thing's for sure: The sheer power of fan love inspires big emotions and big gestures, and this Black Panther proposal is inspiring some well-deserved love of its own.