Harry Styles Just Hinted At A Possible Collab With Lizzo Following Their Epic Duet

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles and Lizzo could be music's next great power couple — creatively speaking. The two artists have a budding friendship that recently evolved into a full blown duet, and they could be joining forces once again in the future. Harry Styles would love to collaborate with Lizzo, as he said during his appearance on TODAY on Wednesday, Feb. 26. And our only question is, how soon can they get into the studio?

Before taking the stage for his performance, Styles was asked about his connection with Lizzo, which started in 2019. "I just think she’s amazing, I think she’s such a great artist," he said on TODAY. "I think as a fan, what you want an artist to be is themselves and I think she’s someone whose just herself, and she makes amazing music. It’s really feel-good and I think that’s what a lot of people need right now. I think she's great."

When they pressed him on whether a proper Styles-Lizzo collaboration could actually happen, he kept it coy, responding with a simple, "Maybe." But given his gushing sentiments toward the breakout singer, take this as confirmation that he at least wants to make this happen. And that's good enough for us.

A potential collab would be a natural step in Styles and Lizzo's friendship. Their beautiful relationship started in December 2019 when Styles performed a spirited cover of Lizzo's hit "Juice" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. She loved the cover so much that she invited him to perform "Juice" together at her pre-Super Bowl concert in late January, to the total surprise of fans everywhere.

In February, Lizzo returned the favor when she performed on Live Lounge and covered the former One Direction singer's latest hit "Adore You," putting a soulful spin on the catchy track. She even replaced the hook with "Oh Harry," proving just how deep their connection runs.

Just a day later, the duo hit it off again at the BRIT Awards, where their (intentionally) flirtatious chemistry was on full display, much to the envy of host Jack Whitehall. In all fairness, who wouldn't be jealous of these two? They could truly be music's next great power couple, but for now, a simple collab would suffice, thank you.