'Mad About You' May Be Getting A Revival, But Twitter Isn't Exactly Thrilled

Adding to the ever-growing lists of TV shows making a comeback, a Mad About You revival is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site announced that the '90s sitcom, starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, may be coming back for an eighth season, and both lead actors are reportedly in talks to return. However, THR noted that no network is attached and no deals are in place just yet. Still, when the news broke on Tuesday, Dec. 26, Twitter wasn't exactly pleased about the idea.

Update, July 11, 2018: Paul Reiser told the Tampa Bay Times that the revival may not happen. He told the publication:

"It’s kind of stuck in the business end of it now. Sony is trying to figure out from their end; that’s where I just walk away and go, call me when you figure it out. I don’t know what happens at that level. They make their deals with whoever they make their deals with. So we’ll see if it happens. It may not happen. It likely won’t happen. My guess is it won’t happen."

Earlier: Among the many mixed reactions came some critiques of reboot overloads, along with others accurately pointing out the abundance of series featuring white leads getting remade (like Roseanne, Will & Grace, Full House, to name a few), but a lack of TV shows prominently featuring actors of color getting that same spotlight. Basically, the main argument being: Why regurgitate old shows when there are so many voices that haven't even been given that same platform in the first place? It's enough to give even the biggest reboot advocate pause.

Of course, details about the Mad About You reboot are currently scarce, as the show itself is not confirmed. But as for plot, TVLine reported, "the new episodes would likely revolve around Paul and Jamie grappling with empty-nest syndrome in the wake of now-17-year-old daughter Mabel’s admission to college." Sony declined to comment to TVLine on the news.

But you know who didn't decline to comment? Fans across Twitter. Here's an overview of Twitter's mixed feelings.

This Very Important Point

Sure, it's possible to appreciate Mad About You, but that doesn't mean it should take the place of other stories getting airtime. This tweet perfectly sums up that mix of emotions.

Others Used GIFs To Illustrate Their Thoughts

An effective way to convey that the TV idea tank may be running on empty.

Another Made A Throwback Joke

Wow, talk about a #TBT. It's basically the same as equating the reboot to taking a step backward, since shows have progressed in plenty of ways since the '90s.

And Here's Another Revival Suggestion

It doesn't exactly do much for bringing more POC to lead roles, but this fan suggested a show they'd rather see instead of Mad About You.

There Was Some Serious Sarcasm

This tweet is doubly effective when you consider The Office is yet another show getting the reboot treatment. And whether fans actually want that one is also up for debate.

Another Idea That Deserves Some Love

Now this is a reboot suggestion that sounds pretty brilliant. And it's so well thought-out that there's already a Golden Girl counterpart for each woman to play:

This Person Is Not Messing Around

After seemingly exaggerating about there being 50 other shows that should be rebooted instead, @emilyisanelf proceeded to follow through and list 50 shows with options ranging from Rugrats to Ugly Betty.

Some People Wanted To Nix The Idea Immediately

This GIF from 30 Rock seems to speak for itself.

OK, This Is Pretty Ingenious

Yep, see what you did there.

Still, There Were Some People Excited

It wasn't all disappointment flooding Twitter feeds.

Or At Least, They Were Cautiously Excited

Actually, this is something everyone should keep in mind that bears repeating — it's not official just yet.

Suffice to say, if the Mad About You reboot does actually come to fruition, the internet will have plenty of commentary. Hopefully it doesn't take away from more diverse reboots getting made — or better yet, more inclusive, original storytelling to take center stage on network TV. As the tweets above point out, there are too many stories that have yet to be told.

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