These 'Roseanne' Reboot Teasers Featuring Dan Are The Perfect Inside Joke For True Fans

Ever since it was announced that Roseanne is getting a reboot, plenty of questions have arose. Will it be as funny? Which Becky will they include? (Spoiler alert: Both are back.) And perhaps most importantly, will Dan be alive? Well, in a series of new Roseanne reboot teasers, John Goodman's character Dan is definitely back and better than ever — along with a few jokes in tow.

Fans have known for a while that the upcoming series would be ignoring the fact that Dan died of a heart attack during the original airing. Of course, it's confusing, but in one of three recently released teasers, it's something that Roseanne jokes about. When sitting on the couch with Becky (played by Lecy Goranson) watching basketball, Dan makes a remark about liking previous Bulls players from the '90s better than the current ones. His ever-snarky wife Roseanne says back,

"You can't live in the past, Dan. When things are gone, they're gone forever."

The matriarch lets out her signature cackle as the theme music begins to play in the background. Granted, fans now know that's actually far from true — when Dan died, he wasn't really "gone forever." And that statement also seemingly applies to the series itself, which fans thought they said goodbye to in 1997.

In another clip, Darlene (played by Sara Gilbert) is watching a basketball game with Dan. Then, Roseanne asks a bunch of questions, to which the pair grows exasperated. Again, the 15-second clip fades out to the sound of the titular character's iconic laugh.

And in the final video, Dan talks about concussions in football and how players go just right back into the game. "There's no long-term damage," he says, before Roseanne corrects him and says he's actually watching basketball — not football.

You could easily argue this doubles as another reference to there being "no long-term damage" to Dan, who was believed to be dead on the show previously, yet he's more alive than ever.

Basically, it looks like fans will just have to wait to see how exactly the show plans to address the final seasons of the series, which seemingly now are thrown out the window. But one thing's for sure: They'll do it with humor.

These trailers seem to be just one way the self-aware show will poke fun at itself, possibly not all that unlike how Netflix's Fuller House features plenty of easter eggs, as nods to the original Full House. Another example is in the casting of both actors who previously played daughter Becky Conner on the series. While Goranson will reprise the role of the family's older sister, Sarah Chalke is a woman who hires Becky as her surrogate. So you can likely expect plenty of screen time being shared by both of these two women, who were such a major part of the original series.

ABC/Adam Rose

According to an ABC press release, the Roseanne reboot is slated to premiere on ABC on Tuesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. as an hour-long episode. The remaining episodes will be a half hour, just like the original series. That same release teases, "the revival will explore life, death and everything in between through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of the Conner household."

In addition to bringing back Dan, Roseanne, Darlene, and Becky(s), D.J. (played by Michael Fishman) will be back as the younger brother. Laurie Metcalfe will also reprise her role as Roseanne's sister Jackie. Recurring characters like Nancy, Beverly, and Crystal are returning as well.

If these latest promo clips are any indication, the new Roseanne episodes are ones that loyal fans won't want to miss. Especially since it includes the resurrection of beloved TV dad, Dan.

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