Set A Reminder Now: 'Million Little Things' Is Switching Time Slots In 2020

The cast of A Million Little Things
Robert Trachtenberg/ABC

The A Million Little Things Season 2 midseason finale is going to send shockwaves through all of the show's plot lines and character arcs. But none of the impending cliffhangers will be resolved until this winter, because A Million Little Things Season 2 won't return until January. Like with most network shows, it's taking a hiatus for the holiday season, and the rest of the episodes will resume this winter. Last year, the show came back on Jan. 17, but, this year, it's coming back a little later.

According to TV Line, A Million Little Things will return in a new time slot on Jan. 23, 2020. It's now airing at 10 p.m. ET after both Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy. It will remain at 10 p.m. for the remainder of Season 2. Per IMDB, the next episode is reportedly called "The Kiss," which could mean a lot of different things depending on which two characters are kissing. Rome and Regina? NBD. Eddie and Delilah? Huge deal. Perhaps it's an episode where Sophie and PJ discuss that awkward almost-kiss in her car.

A trailer for the midseason finale revealed that it will feature PJ confronting Mitch about who his real dad is, Delilah telling her children about Charlie's real dad, and Maggie finding an engagement ring at Gary's house. The fallout from all of that will likely bleed through to the winter premiere.

Show creator DJ Nash said on Nov. 19 that he was already editing the 12th episode of the season. When the show returns, there will be 10 more episodes for a total order of 19. According to TV Line, ABC wanted 22, but Nash felt that less would be more.

"I feel like the compliment our show gets that means the most to me is that it's authentic," Nash said. "And yet the thing I love most about our show is flipping cards. For instance, you think Katherine is horrible and she ends up being someone you love ... [but] I don't want to flip cards so much that it feels inauthentic." For Nash, 18 episodes felt authentic for Season 2's storyline, but he compromised with ABC and went with 19. That means we're really less than halfway through the story this season, which is wild because so much has already happened.

The MLT fun isn't stopping any time soon with 10 more planned episodes for this season. Plus, Nash said he's going to start a podcast about the show as soon as he finishes all the second season scripts. That would be a great thing to have for a summer hiatus between Season 2 and a possible Season 3. Fans just love these characters so much they don't want them to go anywhere. Unfortunately, the group will be MIA for a few weeks, and the midseason finale promises that a million little cliffhangers will need to be resolved when it returns. Jan. 23 can't come fast enough.