This New Netflix Rom-Com Movie Stars All Your Fave Female Actors With A Sweet Twist

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Netflix is reinvigorating the romantic comedy, one movie at a time. And its upcoming movie Otherhood might be one of its best contributions to the genre yet, thanks to a stacked cast and a focus on moms. Felicity Huffman, Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, Jake Lacy, Sinqua Walls, and Jake Hoffman will star in the new Netflix rom-com Otherhood, which means there's something for fans of a lot of different stars. And between Arquette's Oscar win and Bassett and Huffman's nominations, that's a lot of A-list power to go around.

Lacy is no stranger to Netflix rom-coms, having starred in the streaming service's holiday movie Christmas Inheritance last year. Netflix has also produced a number of other romantic comedies in recent months, including the fan-favorite A Christmas Prince, as well as movies like Set It Up and When We First Met.

Otherhood sounds different from the other Netflix rom-coms, though, because of its focus on motherhood, as the title suggests. According to Deadline, the movie will focus on a trio of mothers who want to reconnect with their adult sons. The moms all live in the suburbs, but their children are in New York, so they decide to follow their sons to the city.

If the plot sounds intriguing, it's based on a novel, Whatever Makes You Happy, by William Sutcliffe. Of course, there are plenty of movies and TV shows based on novels, including Netflix's own 13 Reasons Why, but it's still exciting to learn that another book will soon have an on-screen adaptation.

It's not clear when the movie will hit Netflix, since it doesn't have a release date yet. But it sounds like fans won't have to wait too long — Otherhood is already filming in New York City. The fact that Huffman is joining the cast was only reported on Thursday, June 21, though, and fans are thrilled about the movie's impressive roster of actors. (At least one fan, though, is worried that Bassett's filming schedule will conflict with the upcoming American Horror Story season, a crossover between Murder House and Coven. Bassett hasn't confirmed whether she'll appear in the new season.)

Huffman, Bassett, and Arquette have already been spotted filming Otherhood, too, according to EW. There are paparazzi shots of the three of them holding coffee and walking through the city looking happy but confused. Bassett is also holding a Versace shopping bag, and the soles of Huffman's shoes look like Christian Louboutin's signature red. So it's safe to guess the three characters are pretty well off. Which makes sense, considering they apparently have the means to go to New York to find their sons on a whim.

It might also be worth pointing out that Huffman and Arquette's characters appear to have wedding rings on in the photos. Bassett's left hand is a little harder to see in the images, but it looks like she's wearing a wedding band, too. Are their characters married, and do their partners support their decision to go to New York for their sons? The photos raise plenty of questions about the movie's plot, which is probably a good thing — hopefully fans won't have to wait too long for Otherhood's first trailer.

In addition to Otherhood, Netflix also has another nontraditional romantic comedy, Someone Great, in the works. Gina Rodriguez will star in the movie, which sounds like it's more about friendship and self-love than the traditional romantic comedy. Basically, Netflix is hitting the rom-com genre from every side, and its efforts seem to be paying off so far. The streaming service may be more well-known for its original TV shows, but its romantic comedies are proof that Netflix's movie lineup is one to watch, too.