Nyma Tang Is Creating A Red Lipstick With MAC & It's Designed Especially For Women Of Color

by Summer Arlexis

Stunna Lip Paint, watch out. It looks like a new universal red is in the works, thanks to a Nyma Tang x MAC collaboration. The duo plans to mix up a batch of the ideal red lipstick hue — one that women of color of all shades can rock to perfection.

When Rihanna's Fenty Beauty released the ultimate red lipstick, the internet nearly lost its mind. For once, it seemed one lippie actually looked good on every single skin tone, so it's no wonder everybody and their mama wanted to take that dreamy red for a spin. But Nyma Tang, one of the best WOC vloggers to follow for makeup tips, is teaming up with an industry bigwig to give fans a product that gives Stunna a run for its money.

As the stunning mastermind behind the Darkest Shade Series on YouTube, Tang is the ideal candidate for MAC to partner with to craft a universal lippie. In the blogger's sphere, her skin tone is practically the standard by which makeup lovers determine whether a product is truly WOC-friendly or not — that's just how influential girlfriend is.

Judging from an Instagram post from the beauty guru, she's now making herself at home in the MAC labs.

Cloaked in a black lab coat, Tang posed with a beaker filled with red pigment. Expressing her excitement, she captioned the photo, "You guys!!!! I’m creating my own custom lipstick shade with @maccosmetics (I can’t believe I’m even saying that right now!!). This is something I never even dreamed of happening. I created my dream RED lipstick and I can’t wait to share it with you guys."

Of course, she looked absolutely breathtaking while playing the role of a lab tech, rocking a red lippie that not only popped against her skin tone, but also complimented her deep complexion. Fingers crossed that the red cream she's mixing up mirrors the hue on her lips, because it looks hella universal.

Even though the hue Tang rocks in the photo could be a major clue, deets on the lipstick are still missing. There's still no official word on the formula. It could be a traditional cream, but liquid lippies are so popular that a liquid-to-matte can't be ruled out.

The price is still unknown, too. Considering MAC lippies usually cost anywhere from $17.50 to $21, it wouldn't be surprising if Tang's lipstick runs within that range. But there's no way to know for sure until more is revealed about the collaboration.

Even without knowing the full details, fans are SO here for the collab.

Word of the partnership has many wondering who MAC will tap for a collaboration next.

With talks of UK-based, Nigerian blogger Patricia Bright getting her own MAC shade, too, the brand is clearly on a roll with teaming up with WOC influencers. So, three cheers for MAC being super inclusive.

This partnership with Tang is really a dream come true, not only for the influencer, but also for makeup lovers with deeper skin tones. Thanks to her Darkest Shade Series, reviews on foundations, concealers, and other complexion staples that actually work for dark to deep beauties are in abundance. It's really the YouTube channel the beauty community always needed, given that makeup tutorials and reviews for melanin-rich skin can be hard to come by.

This Nyma Tang-MAC mashup is honestly the collab the industry needed as of yesterday because there's no way brown beauties can't win with a shade dreamed up by the blogger. Every beauty lover deserves to have a statement red in their stash. Thanks to this influential beauty, even those with the deepest complexions will be able to find their ideal red.