This New "Treat Yo Self" Bar With Drinks & Waffles Is A 'Parks & Rec' Fan's Dream


There are a few things in this world that I know to be true — a few maxims to live by. But one of them is stronger and more powerfaul than all of the others. Treat. Yo. Self. Any Parks and Recreation fan worth their weight in salt will know that Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford's motto is the true key to happiness. But now, you can actually live your best Pawnee life with a Parks and Recreation pop-up bar.

If you happen to live in Chicago, the Treat Yo Self Pop-Up is taking place in Replay Lincoln Park from Aug. 30 — and it looks so downright delightful. It's hard to imagine taking all of the magic of seven seasons and boiling it down into one pop-up, but I have to say that it looks like they've done a damn good job at making Pawnee a reality.

According to their Facebook page, the pop-up will run through Oct. 21 — so make sure to get on down and soak up every last bit of Pawnee. But it is only 21+, so be aware that this doesn't look like a kid-friendly event.

"In collaboration with @popupsquad, we've recreated tons of iconic locations from the show, including the Shoe Shine Stand, Li’l Sebastian’s Stable, Eagleton Fence, the Pit, the World’s Smallest Park, and (of course) the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation!" their Facebook post explains. "We'll also be serving up Parks and Rec-inspired bites in collaboration with Zizi's Cafe, who have created a menu inspired by legendary spots like The Glitter Factory's breakfast buffet, JJ's diner, and Sweetums!"

A real JJ's — those may be the sweetest words to every grace my waffle and whipped cream-covered ears.

Along with the pop-up itself, there will be lots of themed events that all celebrate the mockumentary classic. You can expect a Glitter Factory Breakfast Buffet, a Mouserat Concert, a luxurious Treat Yo Self night, bingo and trivia, and — wait for it — an actual freakin' Harvest Festival.

Oh, and if you like a themed cocktail, there is an embarrassment of riches that awaits. According to Food and Wine, you can expect drinks like “Give Me All the Bacon” — a bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup old-fashioned, as well as a “Galentine’s Day" option, and a Leslie Knope concoction with whipped cream inside a damn waffle on top. But my personal favorite has to be “The Tammy 2," made with frozen rosé and vodka — because of course it is. And, of course, there's "Snake Juice," which is apparently something that you should only drink at your own risk. Not ominous at all.

Parks and Recreation is often overshadowed by other hit comedies like The Office and 30 Rock, but there is a strong cult following who (like me), know that the show deserves its own 5,000 candles in the wind. From the insanely lovable Ben Wyatt to the incessant optimism of Leslie Knope to the unstoppable power of Galentine's Day, it's a show with so much heart.

Whether you're an Andy or an April, a Leslie or a Tom, a Jerry or a Gerry, there's so much to love about Parks and Recreation and its feel-good hilarity. And from Aug 30. to Oct. 21, you can finally live your truth — just please consume "Snake Juice" responsibly.