A Quiz Tells Kim Kardashian She’s More Like Chrissy Teigen Than Herself

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here is some solid proof that these celebrity friends not only have a lot in common, but are the same person. According to a BuzzFeed quiz from March, Kim Kardashian is more like Chrissy Teigen than herself. That's right, Kardashian took the quiz, titled "Are You More Kim Kardashian or Chrissy Teigen?", late Wednesday evening only to discover that she is actually more like her good friend than her actual self. Next to a screenshot of the quiz results, the 36-year-old reality star tweeted, "Wait I got @chrissyteigen." How hilarious is that?

For those who get Teigen at the end of the quiz, the results read:

You are exactly like Chrissy — wild, the life of the party, and someone who always says what's on their mind! You have a huge heart and are extremely loyal to those you care about. Not to mention your excellent fashion sense and top-notch wit! Everyone loves you and if they don't, who really cares?

That does sound a lot like Kardashian, so no wonder the quiz turned out the way it did.

For those wondering, if you end up getting Kardashian, the results are as follows:

You are just like Kim — sweet, stylish, and a lover of the ~finer~ things in life. You have a great business sense and are always looking for new opportunities to grow and invest your money. Your personal style has truly evolved over the years, but that hasn't changed who you are as a person. Sure, people may talk badly about you, but screw 'em! You always take the high road and stay true to yourself. Go Kim!

Actually, based on both of the results, Kardashian and Teigen really do sound like the same person. They definitely have a lot in common as public figures, wives, mothers, and powerful women, so the quiz results could easily go either way.

Before taking the quiz, Kardashian tweeted a link to the quiz and asked Teigen if she wanted to take it with her. No word yet if the Lip Sync Battle star has answered the quiz questions, but here's hoping she does. Fans of the two are probably dying to know if Teigen is more like herself or her good friend. The Cravings author really needs to find the time, because these are very important results that need to be made public sooner rather than later.

If you think about it, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian's star's results make sense. She and Teigen are super tight. The quiz asks questions regarding snacks, shoes, pets, homes, transportation, and nail polish, so maybe the 31-year-old model's likes regarding those topics have rubbed off on Kardashian. Sometimes that's what happens when you are close with a person. Whatever the case, it's hard not to laugh at the results.

Now, fans must wait impatiently for Teigen to take the quiz and post her results.