Why The Next ‘Real Housewives’ Spin-off Should Be All About The Divorcées

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Fans of the Real Housewives franchise have seen many of the cast members experience a lot of heartache over the years, including splitting from their spouses. As hard as it can be to watch all of those emotions unfold, a Real Housewives spin-off about the divorced Housewives is needed. It'd be like nothing Bravo has done before, but it's something the network should totally think about.

Some viewers might not think it's a good idea, because divorce isn't the happiest of topics, but why not shed a light on a group of women who are experiencing the same life event? Divorce isn't an easy topic to discuss, but this could make it more accessible. This type of show might even help other divorcées, who are finding this major life change difficult. Furthermore, the spin-off wouldn't focus entirely on divorce, but the women's lives post-split and how they are choosing to move forward. It would most likely be a mix of realness and lightheartedness, because the Housewives are definitely real and know how to have fun from time to time.

That's only a small portion of why a Real Housewives spin-off featuring some of the divorced Housewives should happen sooner rather than later. The other reasons? Well, it's time for us Housewives fans to discuss.

1. The Cast Would Be Off The Charts

To be clear, the spin-off wouldn't include every Housewife who has ever divorced, because, well, that would be a massive cast. However, it would feature those Housewives who started the show married or fans watched get married and then experienced their divorces with them. Those Housewives include: Shannon Beador, Bethenny Frankel, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Kelly Dodd, Yolanda Hadid, Camille Grammer, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, and Charrisse Jackson Jordan.

2. Fans Would See Some Of Them In A New Light

For many seasons, some of these Housewives have been dealing with so much heartache and turmoil because of their marriages. Many of them haven't really had a chance to show their true selves or to even be happy on camera without being overcome with emotion. At times, some of them have even been held back by their failing relationships and spouses. A spin-off would give them a chance to show viewers the "real" them and what they're like without their husbands by their sides.

3. It Would Give Them A Much-Needed Outlet

This could make for the perfect outlet. Not only could the women bond over divorce, but they could heal and grow together. They could also adapt to their new lives, all while coming to terms with how much things are going to change for them. Furthermore, it just might provide them the opportunity of filling their "love tanks," like Vicki Gunvalson has been so adamant about doing for the past 12 seasons of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

4. It Could Be Helpful To Other Divorced Women

Believe it or not, Housewives is relatable and so are the women starring in the franchise. They present real stories that so many women can relate to. A spin-off focused on a group of divorced and independent women navigating the world without their spouses by their side could be immensely helpful to other women going through the exact same thing.

5. It Would Offer A Fresh Spin To Housewives

Sometimes Real Housewives can be boring because it's so repetitive and fans often know what to expect. There are some shows that even seem to have run their course (ahem, RHOC), so this would be the perfect way to spice things up.

6. It Would Allow Them To Be Selfish — In A Good Way

After what many of these women have been through, it's time for them to focus on themselves and be selfish in a positive way. They deserve to give themselves all of the love, pampering, gifts, and trips they want. Some of them have already been doing just that, but why does it need to stop? As Parks and Recreation's Tom and Donna would say, "Treat yo self!"

7. There Would Be Lots Of Drama

You know there would be a ton of drama, because these women can't go without it. They would obviously find something to argue about, including, but not limited to, who is the host of a trip, who gets which room on vacation, who spread the rumor, and "Who said that?" Who can resist Housewives and drama?

8. It Could Open Up A Whole New Housewives World

Rather than a spin-off focused on divorced Housewives, Bravo could easily just create more Real Housewives shows. There are a plethora of cities remaining, including Boston, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Denver. But where's the fun in that? Changing up the Housewives universe and allowing the women to crossover into each other's worlds for an entire season could open up the door for other similar series. Yes, there have been many other Housewives spin-offs (Don't Be Tardy, Vanderpump Rules, all of the wedding specials), but more spin-offs with Housewives from different cities coming together are needed — and one featuring the previously mentioned divorcées is the perfect start.

9. More Amazing Friendships Would Form

Can you imagine the friendships that would come from this spin-off? We're so used to seeing certain Housewives interact that this is exactly the type of mix-up fans are probably dying for. Anyone else picturing Luann and Kelly getting their drink on and falling into bushes together?

Hey, Bravo and/or Andy Cohen, let's make this spin-off happen, stat. It would certainly make the Housewives franchise even more amazing than it already is.