The National Weather Service Issued A "Small Dog Warning" Because Of High Winds

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You may have noticed that all across the country, we’ve been recently experiencing weather that can only be described as “absolutely bonkers.” Take for example this National Weather Service “small dog warning” issued to northern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania. The winds in the area were going to be so strong, the National Weather Service said that small dogs might BLOW AWAY. (What’s it called when something is so sad and so cute at the same time? There’s got to be a German word for it, right?)

In a tweet posted Tuesday morning by Cleveland’s National Weather Service, experts warned of high winds up to 50 mph. “Hold on to your Pooch!” the completely normal and fine tweet began. “We have an unofficial ‘small Dog Warning’ Wind Advisory for northern #Ohio and NW #Pennsylvania this evening through Wednesday.” The tweet cited wind gusts between 45 and 50 mph causing trees to be blown down, trash cans to be missing (AKA blown down the block), and potential power outages in the area. Oh, also your tiny dog could be blown away.

Wind Advisories are nothing new for the places like Midwest, especially in those states located in Tornado Alley. However, having the National Weather Service advise residents to “hold on to their pooch” due to high winds it...unsettling to say the least.

I’m going to need several moments to break down and process that tweet’s accompanying graphic. The typography! The Photoshop work! The two different pictures of trash cans! The photo of a dog appearing to be flying away!!! Someone is going absolutely buck wild in NWS Cleveland’s social media department and I got to say, I am fully on board.

Lest you think this warning a complete joke, there are previous reports of small dogs being blown away during storms with high wind. Yes, really. As TODAY pointed out, one such event happened in 2009. A six-pound Chihuahua puppy named Tinker Bell was blown away in a 70-mph gust of wind. (Brief pause for the sad, sad irony in a small dog named after a winged fairy being blown away. According to, Tinker Bell’s owners, the 8-month-old pup was standing on the family’s platform trailer when a gust of wind swept her away.

Fear not: Tinker Bell was eventually found almost a mile away from where she had last been seen. Aside from being hungry and dirty — I mean, the dog was literally blown away by the wind — Tinker Bell was completely fine. The dog’s owners say a pet psychic is to thank for accurately guiding them to Tinker Bell. (Where is my made-for-TV movie adaptation of this story???)

Even big boi dogs are not completely spared by high winds if viral videos are to be believed. This video posted on Twitter last year shows a golden retriever, happily walking along, as its back legs are getting blown to the side. This video is the reason the happy-sobbing/streaming tears emoji exists.

Thankfully, according to TODAY, no dogs were blown away during this week’s winds.

In case you need further evidence that the weather has been scientifically bonkers, a couple weeks ago the National Weather Service issued a warning for people to “minimize talking” during the 2019 Polar Vortex. In other words, scientists said it was so cold that people probably shouldn’t talk outside. (Where were they during winter recess in elementary school, when I wanted to listen to my Discman in peace?!) The rationale behind the warning has to do with the effects of extreme cold on your body, according to the American Lung Association: “Dry, extremely cold air can irritate the lungs, cause shortness of breath and trigger asthma attacks for those with lung-related diseases like asthma.”

You heard it here folks: you and your pups should stay inside until the Spring.