Watch Aaron Paul's 2-Minute 'Breaking Bad' Recap To Get Ready For 'El Camino'

Ben Rothstein / Netflix

For those that don't remember everything — or, let's be honest, anything — that happened on Breaking Bad in the six years since the finale aired, Aaron Paul is here to help. In less than three minutes, Paul recapped Breaking Bad in its entirety for those fans who need a refresher. In fact, consider Paul's recap necessary viewing before Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie starts streaming and will be in select theaters on Oct. 11 .

When Paul visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Oct. 9, he came prepared to give a short, but very detailed, breakdown of Breaking Bad. “There’s this chemistry teacher named Walt who gets cancer, his wife Skyler is pregnant, and his son, Walt Jr., really loves breakfast,” Paul explained. “Then Walt starts cooking meth to pay for his medical bills, with the help of his former student, Jesse — that’s me.”

Paul then spent the rest of his time highlighting some of the more outrageous moments from the show's five seasons, like how Walt and Jesse "kill people with science." Oh, and he doesn't want fans to forget Jesse's affinity for the B-word. “I say ‘b*tch!’ a lot,” Paul said, eliciting cheers from the audience.

Paul then gave a shout out to Walt's naked supermarket run, the “scary chicken man named Gus,” the neo-Nazis, and — spoiler — how everybody dies in the end. And there it is, Breaking Bad in just two and a half minutes.

This refresher will come in handy since the Jesse Pinkman-focused movie spin-off will pick up right where the Breaking Bad finale left off.

In the Breaking Bad finale, Jesse is one of the few characters that manages to get away after Walt (Bryan Cranston) takes down the neo-Nazis who kidnapped him. After being tortured, he ends the series driving away in an El Camino — hence the title of the film.

No surprise, the Jesse in the El Camino trailer is visibly shaken after all he's been through. According to the official synopsis of the movie, Jesse "must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future." And to do this, he first must shave his head — at least, that's what his first step is in the trailer.

The clip also showed Jesse reconnecting with his old buddies (and fan favorites) Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt L. Jones), and teased a potential ally as he tries to evade the cops and other enemies. Towards the end of the clip, a mysterious figure appeared who just might be the key to Jesse's escape. "You ready?" the mystery man asks in the final second of the trailer.

But, the trailer itself is a bit of a mystery. There's very little dialogue in the video beyond this mysterious question, and it doesn't give much away. Paul did offer a bit more information in an official behind-the-scenes of El Camino video, revealing that the film will offer Jesse some closure.

For Paul, El Camino is "really about this struggle to survive." Jesse is a "man on the run who will truly stop at nothing to finally become free," Paul continued in the featurette. But can he? That's the real question at the heart of El Camino. And, thanks to Paul's recap, fans have all the information they need to press play right when the movie hits Netflix and find out for themselves.