Adam Rippon & Sally Field's Son Sam Greisman Met Finally & Twitter Can't Handle It — PHOTO

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The meet-up the internet has been waiting for finally happened. On Saturday, March 10, Sally Field's son, Sam Greisman met Adam Rippon, and he tweeted the picture to prove it. During the Olympics, Greisman texted his mom about his new Olympic crush, and the Lincoln star then took matters into her own hands by tweeting the Olympian directly. It was a total mom move that Twitter loved, even though it left her son a bit embarrassed, according to BuzzFeed. However, after meeting his crush at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner, Greisman had only one thing to say: "Thanks, mom."

New York Daily News reports that Rippon received the Visibility Award at the event. That's one more accomplishment that the Bronze medalist can add to his banner year. Not only is the Olympian Field's first choice for son-in-law, he's also dubbed himself America's Sweetheart — and the title feels accurate. As the first openly gay figure skater on the American team, the athlete has rightfully become a hero to many for his openness and for his talent. It's no wonder that one of Hollywood's icons jumped at the chance to set him up with her son — who wouldn't want Rippon to be a member of the family?

While Greisman, who is a writer and producer, hasn't spilled any details about what it was like to meet his crush, he and Rippon look adorable together in the photo they took at the event. Whether or not these two are meant to be, there's no denying they would have a charming meet-cute story worthy of a rom-com movie. And yes, Twitter is freaking out over the fact that Field's matchmaking worked even a little bit.

Field just proved what the world already knew — mom's get things done. And just think, this all started with a son sharing a text conversation with his mom online. Greisman shared his mom's text message to him after he confided in her about his crush in February. She texted him, "Sam... he's insanely pretty. Find a way." The whole thing may have stopped there, but when your mom follows you on Twitter, she's definitely going to see your tweets.

The actor quickly retweeted her son, and she proceeded to tag the Olympian. Greisman's response? A simple, but oh-so-relatable tweet that read, "Yikes." Things went quiet on the matchmaking front for a bit, before Field revealed to BuzzFeed that she was leaving things in the universe's hands. She told the site,

"Sam was mortified. I have to bud out now..but I would like to see Adam in the family."

Her epic response made its way to Rippon via BuzzFeed and the Olympian made it clear that he was totally here for the star's moxie. He told BuzzFeed,

"Sally! She bold. Sam — your mom, I admire her. And I'm sure one day we're going to meet. So thanks, mom."

Now that day has come, and it's just as sweet as the internet had hoped it would be.

Who knows if their meeting will actually lead to anything more or not, but the story behind how they met is so perfect they can both tell it for years. Although, it would admittedly be even more heartwarming if Rippon actually becomes Field's son-in-law. But no pressure, guys.

For now, the Twitterverse is basking in this beautiful moment, because the road to Rippon and Greisman taking that photo together has been an emotional roller-coaster.

There's only one thing that would make this already amazing story even better — Rippon meeting Field. Come on, Greisman, your mom has proven that dreams do come true, so now it's your turn to make that epic meeting happen.