Haley's Still Not Friendly With The 'Too Hot To Handle' Cast Post-Show

Spoilers ahead for Too Hot To Handle. Given that the whole reason Haley was kicked off Too Hot to Handle was because she wasn't getting along with her cast mates, it shouldn't be too surprising that after Too Hot to Handle, Haley's Instagram shows that she's not friends with most of the other contestants. On the show, she was really only close with Francesca before leaving in Episode 5 for her bad attitude — aka not having a positive impact on the group, not showing personal growth, and not obeying the rules. "Insufficient progress has been made you time in the retreat is over," AI host Lana told Haley. Not that she was bothered, since she'd previously voiced her hope for an elimination ceremony so she could leave.

Upon returning to the real world, Haley posted a photo to Instagram. "Hi bitchz I'm back," she captioned a selfie. She hasn't posted a lot since then, though it appears that she may have archived or deleted some posts, because when she was featured as Coed's "Girl of the Day" in 2018, they embedded a lot more now-deleted photos.

But she has posted just enough for us to get a glimpse of her post-show life. She's still hanging out in Florida, where she lives and where she was still in school at the University of North Florida as recently as October. She was heavily involved in Greek life as a Zeta Tau Alpha while attending school. If she didn't graduate in the winter, she's probably graduating this May, since she's now 22.

But mostly, Haley's Instagram reveals where she's at with her friendships with the other contestants from the show. While she was on Too Hot to Handle, she was openly hostile to many of her fellow cast members, and not all of those wounds seem to have healed. On Instagram, Haley is following Chloe, Kelz, Nicole, and of course Francesca.

She's decidedly not following David, Harry (whom she clashed with on the show for hurting Francesca), Matthew (who called her out for breaking the rules), Rhonda, or Sharron. None of the people she's not following are following her either (except for Rhonda, who does follow Haley), so the distaste seems to be mutual.

However, even though she is following several of her cast mates' Instagrams, the only person who really engages with Haley's posts is Francesca. She's liked everything Haley has posted since she got back. Nicole and Kelz only liked one photo, and Chloe hasn't liked any of her posts except a promo video for the show that Haley posted.

Too Hot to Handle filmed a year ago, in April 2019, so that's a lot of time for bad blood to sour even more or for friendships to fade. Haley wasn't on the show as long as some of the other contestants, so she had less time to make lasting bonds with them. And she clearly has no interest in forging them now since she's not even following them on social media.