Wills' Elimination From 'The Bachelorette' Broke Fans' Hearts All Across The Country

ABC/Craig Sjodin; Jacobs_Breanna/Twitter

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette was nothing short of heartbreaking. Becca Kufrin only had four roses to give out and six guys to choose from. Two people had to go, but it was just so sad to see Wills get eliminated on The Bachelorette. This was the first elimination of the season where a suitor seemed really truly heartbroken. He wasn't upset about missing out on the travel, screen time, or Instagram followers. Wills actually told Becca that she made him "believe in love again," and then he got sent home.

Wills was sad about it. Becca was sad about it. The viewers are still sad about it. It was just so tough to watch. He went from being so hopeful about his future with Becca to watching her give that final rose to Jason on the group date. It was just soul crushing.

He was so upset on his way to the airport that he had the driver pull over the limo so he could hop out. At first it seemed like he might want to go back and talk to Becca one last time, but he actually just got out to cry even more.

Wills will be missed, that's for sure. From his sincerity to the stylish outfits and everything in between, the viewers are vicariously devastated about his elimination. At the same time, there is some hope for his future on Bachelor in Paradise, and maybe even as a lead on the next season of The Bachelor. The fandom had a lot to tweet about when Wills was sent home.


He's Universally Liked

Every Bachelorette viewer has a personal favorite. It's valid for fans to have different opinions about the same contestant, but Wills is the least polarizing person on this show. Or at least he was the least polarizing person on this show. Who is everyone going to be in love with now?


He Doesn't Deserve Heartbreak

No one "deserves" heartbreak, but least of all, Wills. He just seems like such a genuine person. It was too sad to see him pour his heart out to Becca only to get sent home right before hometown dates.


He Made Us All Emotional When He Was Eliminated

This was the most brutal elimination. It's going to be tougher from this point forward, but Wills was the first one who seemed genuinely heartbroken to be sent home. Even the viewers at home felt his heartbreak.


He Deserves The Best

Wills just seems like such a great person. He deserves happiness. He didn't find it on The Bachelorette, but maybe he will on Bachelor in Paradise... or The Bachelor.


He Should Have Got That Group Date Rose

How did Wills not get that group date rose? Why couldn't Becca go on five hometown dates instead of four? Couldn't they break the mold just one time? Wills and Becca would have had a great hometown date.


He Made Us All Cry When He Got Up To Cry More

Is it possible to be heartbroken on someone else's behalf? If so, that definitely happened at the end of the episode.


He Made Us All Feel Like We Got Dumped

When Becca broke up with Wills, it felt like Becca broke up with the viewers — or at least the Wills' fans. That was just so gut-wrenching to watch.


He Walked Out Of The Car To Cry

Most cast members are satisfied with a back of the limo cry sesh, but Wills just needed a change of scenery to process his feelings. He even had some viewers crying in response to his sadness.


He Needs To Be The Bachelor

There is one possible upside to Wills getting dumped by Becca: He could be the lead on The Bachelor next season.


He Is Bachelor Material

He is loved by the fans. He is a great dresser. He just got his heartbroken. He has what it takes to be the next Bachelor.


He Has The Best Outfits

This season just got a lot less fashionable. Nevertheless, The Bachelor Season 23 could be the most fashionable one yet.


He Needs To Skip 'Paradise' & Be The Bachelor

The more Wills the better, but does Wills going on Bachelor in Paradise mean that he won't be the Bachelor? Or is this the perfect setup for him to secure that leading role?

The loss of Wills will be a tough one for he fandom to get over. Thankfully the Men Tell All episode will be airing soon, and he will be on Bachelor in Paradise. But let's all just keep our fingers crossed that there Wills be a Bachelor from this season (instead of one from five years ago) and that it happens to be a super well-dressed guy.