'Bachelorette' Fans Are Seriously Rooting For Jason After His One-On-One Date With Becca

ABC/Craig Sjodin; TheBachBabes/Twitter

It's getting down to the wire on the current season of The Bachelorette. And it's clear that there's a new frontrunner to keep an eye out for. The Bachelorette viewers tweeted lots of love for Jason Tartick. He emerged as someone who is worth rooting for. During last night's one-on-one date, Jason emerged as one of the best guys vying for Becca Kufrin's final rose.

When Jason first appeared on this season, he got a lot of flack for his love of hair gel, which spawned plenty of tweets and memes. After his solo date with Becca, the fans (and Becca) are looking past the standout hairstyle and all they're seeing is potential husband material.

He managed to make an awkward premise for a date extremely enjoyable for himself, Becca, and the viewers. He has cool friends that get along with Becca. He's able to open up and be vulnerable during the date. And yes, he actually does seem to be there for the right reasons. Jason has become a top contender for Becca's heart, but even if he doesn't get that final rose, he has won over the viewers. Is it too soon to start a Jason for Bachelor campaign?

Becca may have forgot Jason's name during that group date at the spa a few episodes ago, but there's no chance that she or anyone else is going to forget about him from this point forward. Twitter users could not get enough of Jason while watching last night's episode of The Bachelorette.


He Has Great Friends

Jason brings enough to the table, but he also brought along three great friends that reminded Becca of her friends from home. Clearly, Becca can picture sharing her life with Jason and now the viewers want to know more about him and his friends.


He Is A Frontrunner For Sure

It really doesn't get much better than Jason.


He Is Easy To Fall In Love WIth

There's no doubt that the viewers are falling in love with Jason. But here's the real question: Is Becca falling in love with Jason?


He Should Be The Next Bachelor

Ideally, Jason would end up with Becca at the end of The Bachelorette, but if that doesn't happen this cannot be the end for Jason.. and the viewers. He would bring a much-needed sincerity if he was the lead on The Bachelor.


He Made That Edgar Allan Poe Date Worth Watching

They went to an "un-happy hour" at an Edgar Allan Poe museum, but it wasn't even the strangest date this season. No one else would have been able to thrive on that date the way that Jason did.


He Makes It Easy To Overlook His Hair

What hair? Not only is it easy to overlook that hairstyle, but Jason even has the ability to make it attractive.


He's Going To Get His Heart Broken

This seems to happen every time: The viewers find a contestant to root for and then he gets his heart completely crushed. Let's hope that's not the case here, but his fans should probably brace themselves for heartbreak just in case.


Reminder: He Can Just Change His Hair

For people who can't look past Jason's hair (even with all of his great qualities), it is just hair. Hair can be very easily changed.


He's Definitely A Memorable Cast Member

Sure, Becca wasn't the only person who forgot Jason's name during the group date at the spa, but he has seriously turned things around.


He Can Easily Change Up The Hair

It's just hair. Jason is killing it in every other category and it's really not tough to change a hairstyle, so if Jason does make an adjustment he just might be too good to be true.


He Might Get That Final Rose

Jason is definitely someone to watch out for. He just might end up with the Bachelorette herself.


He Is Too Good To Be True

Internet users, please don't ruin the fandom's perception of Jason. The viewers cannot take it if some awful skeletons leaped out of Jason's closet.


He's Just Great

At this point, the hairstyle humanizes him. There are no jokes to make about Jason as a person.


He Has Some Potential Girlfriends Among The Fandom

If Jason doesn't end up with Becca, there are plenty of viewers that are willing to date him.

Becca is into Jason. The viewers are into Jason. After that solo date, Jason's name will be top of mind from now on.