Aldi's Has A CHOCOLATE WINE For Valentine's Day This Year


The moment you've waiting for has been here. The moment that's been predicted in song, in myth, in legend. The moment after which, life may seem like a downhill spiral. Chocolate wine is here. Aldi's chocolate wine has debuted on the scene — at a very reasonable price — and it's ready to light your Valentine's Day on fire. Or at least help you get a little tipsy as you dance to the Spice Girls and drunk text someone who clearly shouldn't be talking to. Just like St. Valentine always wanted.

That's right, if you've been looking for a way to spice up your Valentine's Day or just go for two of your favorite things in one delicious mash-up, chocolate wine seems like a pretty damn good place to start. There's no word on what the alcohol percentage is yet, but I can only imagine that chocolate-flavored wine could get things pretty messy in a hurry.

What exactly does chocolate wine taste like? "Dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate unfold," according to the Aldi website. "Pairs with pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts." Of course it does, because it's ALREADY A DELICIOUS DESSERT TREAT IN WINE FORM. If you're classy enough to pair this with actual berries rather than just a jar of Nutella then I salute you, because you are clearly a better woman than I am. With a slick red-and-pink striped label, it's clear that it's going all-out with the Valentine's Day feel and it may even look a little, dare I say, classy?

If you want to get your hands on some of this flavor extravaganza, then you might have to do some hunting. The site explains that quantities are limited and that it will only be available in certain locations, with prices varying. But PopWow is reporting that it will be available for $8 a bottle from January 30th, which seems like a pretty good deal for a wine and dessert hybrid. If you're an Aldi die-hard then you might want to check out their other Valentine's Day treats, like their cheeseboard — complete with heart-shaped cheeses — or their heart-shaped brioche. Eating your feelings has never been more... heart-shaped.

Of course, if you're rocking Valentine's Day solo or with friends then you may want to pair Aldi's chocolate wine with this "Wine Is My Valentine" glass from Target which can hold — wait for it — an entire bottle of wine. Imagine a full bottle of Aldi's chocolate wine in a 25 oz wine glass. If you really want to go all-out, you could add in a wine and cheese pajama set (yes, they're real) from the MeUndies' Valentine's Day collection, which show a lovely glass of red wine and an adorable chunk of cheese cozying up and ready for a night in. Talk about true love.

If chocolate isn't to your taste then don't worry, Unicorn Tears pink rosé has you covered and claims to be the pinkest rosé ever created. Basically, there are a lot of different ways to get your wine on this Valentine's Day, no matter what your preferred flavor palette or how large you like your wine glass. No matter which wine you pick, they'll all set you up equally well to have a hungover spree of eating half-price February 15th chocolate. And isn't that what Valentine's Day is really all about?