Aldi's $9 Bottle Of Mimosa Is Back — And It Comes In PINEAPPLE

Aldi, Remixed by Bustle

It's baaaaack. Some products come in with such a bang and leave such a huge impression that we mourn them when they're gone. But, as the months roll by, some of them return in a glorious renaissance when the right season or holiday comes round again. Which is why now we welcome, with open arms, the Aldi Mimosa. In 2018, the bottled mimosa won a spot in our boozy hearts for its convenience, cuteness, and, well, booziness. This year will take it up a notch with Aldi's Pineapple Mimosa — which may or may not be the best $9 you ever spend.

There are few drinks that say celebration as much as a mimosa — partially because the bubbles automatically make it feel like an occasion, and partially because it's completely socially acceptable to drink in the morning. For some reason, being mimosa-tipsy at 10 a.m. is a totally OK thing to be, so we should use that to our advantage more often as a society. So when can you get in on the action? Well, according to POPSUGAR, Aldi's Pineapple Mimosa (and the traditional version) will hit shelves during the week of April 1 and, similar to last year, will retail for just $8.99. Last year's version was made with white wine, rather than Prosecco or champagne, but that didn't make it any less delicious — it will be interesting to see how Aldi concocted this year's version.


Really, they're not a difficult sell. If you and your friends love a good brunch — or you want to feel like a full-grown adult and do some hosting — then mimosas are the perfect way to channel your love of brunch. Pair it with some BFF drinking glasses and you and your besties can drink it in style. If you're lucky enough to be based in Australia, you can even grab some Mermaid Froot Loops to really make it an Instagrammable affair. Or, if you're not feeling like you want to share, that's fine too — what about a delectable brunch for one? There's no reason mimosas still can't make an apparently. Treat yourself.

The bottled mimosa was a seasonal item last year, which means you may want to keep your eyes peeled and stock up at the beginning of April while you can. Of course, if you miss your window — or don't live near an Aldi — there's nothing to stop you from making your own mimosas. You can even play around to find your favorite flavor. Get creative with guava, grapefruit, or even carrot — just remember, the main ingredients are normally some sort of bubbly and juice. If you play with that, you can't go wrong. Unless you go for prune juice. Then you've gone very, very wrong and not one person of this earth can save you.

There are lots of different ways to celebrate spring springing and summer coming around the corner. You can stock up on summer pool floats, you can book a vacation, or you can lay back with a lovely mimosa in hand. Hell, you can do all three. Aldi is making it easy, so it's time to drink up.