Mermaid Froot Loops Just Hit Shelves — Here’s Where To Find Them

Kellogg's Australia

Who wants to go to Australia? Well, if you didn't — you will now. Sure it may be a place full of Vegemite, kangaroos, and spiders bigger than the average toddler, but they also have friendly people, beautiful landscapes, and now, the coolest cereal on the planet. Per Delish, Mermaid Froot Loops are now a *thing* — but because Kellogg's is being a tease, they are only available in Australia. Thanks, guys — now I have to buy a plane ticket around the world that I can't afford.

These Froot Loops look downright magical. Not only do they have a stunning purple and gold mermaid mascot, who is pretty bad ass (and makes Toucan Sam look like a total chump), the loops themselves come in purple, green, and a yellowish gold. Although I personally mourn that there are no red loops — undeniable the best color of Froot Loops — I have to admit that it's a pretty gorgeous palate. If you've ever wanted to find a cereal that's ready for the 'gram, this might be it. Lucky Australians.

If you happen to be down under any time soon, you can pick up these gorgeous loops at Costco and Aldi — although you'll probably be fighting every Instagram influencer and cereal enthusiast under the sweet, sweet Australian sun. Better move quick. No word yet on how these beauties taste, but I'm guessing they taste like — well, like Froot Loops. Per Delish, they're only around for a limited time, but so far there's no word on how limited that time will be.

Of course, Froot Loops have gone down the magical trail before. There were Unicorn Froot Loops available in the UK for a limited time and in 2017 Kellogg's released a delicious looking unicorn cereal, which finally brought some fantasy vibes to our very own US of A. While we might not have Mermaid Froot Loops, we do have plenty of our own variations — and if you're a real Froot Loop diehard, you can grab Froot Loop mini-donuts from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's.

If it's the mermaid aspect that really grabs your fancy, don't worry — there are plenty of different of mermaid-y merch options that will let you channel your inner Ariel. Are they as delicious as Froot Loops? Almost certainly not — in fact, many of them aren't edible. But they are glorious. You can go for the perfect mermaid makeup option with colors and palates ready for living your under-the-sea life. Torrid's has an entire line of mermaid options that you'll want to wear anywhere and everywhere. Or you can just follow mermaids on Instagram and just dream about fulfilling your mermaid dreams.

Is it fair that you can't get Mermaid Froot Loops outside of Australia? No, clearly not — but life isn't fair. While folks in America, in the UK, and everywhere else might be desperate to feel sparkly and scale-y and incredible, they're just going to have to find another way to do it instead of breakfast cereal. But we have our eye on you, Kellogg's — you owe us big time. Something magical and mermaid-esque needs to head our way, stat.