Alessia Cara's VMAs Performance Outfit Will Make You Re-Think How Celebs Are "Supposed" To Look At Awards Shows

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During Sunday night's VMAs, Alessia Cara performed her hit song Scars To Your Beautiful on stage in a stunning red dress. She looked incredible — just like we've all come to expect from our favorite celebs at award shows. But just as the song got going, her backup dancers came up from behind, messed up her perfectly coiffed hair, and wiped off her lipstick.

At first, it looked like it could have been an accident. But no, the dancers were fluffing Cara's hair and "messing it up." As the song went on, she sang about being beautiful "just the way you are." And off came her lipstick. Then Cara's dancers helped her out of that gorgeous red gown. More makeup was wiped off. And soon, the singer was standing fresh-faced and in normal street clothes, which she stayed in for the rest of the song.

It sent a pretty powerful message, and made us all re-think how celebrities are "supposed" to dress at award shows. We've come to expect highly-styled hair, expensive designer gowns, and flawless makeup. But Cara reminded us that it just doesn't have to be that way.

As the singer finished her song, she danced around looking like a "normal" girl, but was still obviously gorgeous. Her message was loud and clear. Just like her lyrics, "you don't have to change a thing" when it comes to being beautiful.

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The song started off with Cara dressed in an outfit we've come to expect from stars at award shows: coiffed hair, long gown, perfect makeup.

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As she sang on, one of her backup dancers tore away the gown to reveal Cara's comfy jeans and tank top while another dancer wiped off her makeup.

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At one point, the singer wiped off her own lipstick with a towel. And the audience cheered.

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The performance was perfectly fitting with Cara's inpisrational song lyrics.

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And it certainly sent a powerful message.