There's A New Generation On 'PLL'

Eric McCandless/Freeform

It's the finale of Pretty Little Liars, and one year from the game turning off, Ali and Emily have children! That's right — there's more than one! Ali and Emily have twins on Pretty Little Liars. They're precious, their names are Lily and Grace, and they don't like peas (but who does?). They make up just the cutest little family with Ali and Emily, and I am happy they've finally found a somewhat normal life. Of course, spoilers ahead for the series finale of Pretty Little Liars!

Not that the way the babies came to be was normal — Archer Dunhill had Emily's fertilized eggs implanted in Ali's body, forcing Ali to become host to children she didn't want. It was a crazy violation of Ali's body and personal autonomy, but when Ali and Emily came together and realized they loved each other and wanted to raise the baby (back then we only knew it was one) as a couple, it was a nice moment. Lemons out of lemonade in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Things got even cuter when Ali proposed to Emily. It was so sweet, even if Emily totally blew it by ruining Ali's surprise — she goaded Ali into telling her what was up because she saw Ali and Emily's mom colluding and thought something was up. Suspicious much, Emily?

There is one little dark cloud here is the parentage of the little ladies. It turns out that Spencer Hastings has a twin, Alex Drake (yep, that's A.D.), and Alex was involved with Wren Kingston. Remember him? Cute British dude who was once engaged to Melissa Hastings and also hooked up with Spencer back in the day? Well, Alex killed him, but not before using his sperm to fertilize Emily's eggs. Wren is the girls' father, and I'm not sure that Emily and Ali will appreciate it. Of course, they may never know, but that might be better for their sake.