Wren's 'PLL' Story Is So Crazy


Wren has been one of the biggest wild cards on Pretty Little Liars — first, he’s with Melissa, then he's kissing Spencer. Next, he’s at Radley, then he’s jetting off to London with Melissa in tow. He certainly uses all of the pages in his passport, that’s for sure. The preview for the Pretty Little Liars series finale shows Wren firing a gun at somebody or something, and it seems as though everything he’s ever done is leading up to this moment. But who did Wren shoot on Pretty Little Liars? You're never going to believe it. Of course, spoilers ahead for the PLL series finale.

For a long time, fans suspected Wren was on the A team or could even be A.D. He’s still a little sketchy and mysterious, especially when he was meeting with Spencer (or her twin, as Pretty Little Liars fan theories state) at the airport when they bumped into Ezra. Wren has always had something up his sleeve. And turns out, it was Spencer's twin, Alex, in the airport. Yep, that's right — a Pretty Little Liars fan theory came true.

In a nutshell, Alex and Wren were romantically involved, and then he filled her in on Spencer and Spencer's life and, well, Alex wanted all of that. So she convinced Wren to shoot her, so she could have the same scar that Spencer has from that time she was shot. He was aiding and abetting! You really can't make this stuff up, can you?

Unfortunately for Wren, it seems that with Alex, he met his match — and his maker. Alex said something to Spencer about turning Wren's ashes into a diamond necklace, which is dark and very appropriate for Pretty Little Liars.

She killed him, but not before using him as the sperm donor to impregnate Emily's eggs and put them in Alison. Who knew that one man would help such a nefarious revenge plot? Oh, Wren — we hardly knew ye. I always thought you would be A, but turns out that you were just her victim like everyone else.