All The 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider Updates You Need To Know

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to brand and retailer loyalty programs, Sephora may have one of the most well-known. From their points system to their annual sales event, the retailer knows how to reward its customers. If you're a member you'll need to know all the 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider reward, perk and point updates. Things are changing at the black and white hued retailer, but don't worry, you'll be sure love it.

The first big news for Sephora in 2019 is that their birthday gifts have made their annual change. If you've been a member of the Sephora's loyalty program for a while, you'll know that the brands and products they use for their members' birthdays change each year. This year, the two gifts are from mega brands Kat Von D and Drunk Elephant.

Every member of the Beauty Insider program will be eligible to receive a Kat Von D set featuring mini sizes of the brand's Tattoo liner, Studded Kiss lipsticks in three different shades, and a Lock-It Setting Powder. If you're more of a skin care lover, you'll be able to snag a Drunk Elephant set featuring a mini Protini Polypeptide Cream and Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser. Basically, it's good to have a birthday at Sephora in 2019.


There is more exciting news concerning Sephora's birthday gifts, though. There's a brand new perk for VIB and VIB Rouge members this year. The top two tiers of the Beauty Insider program will now be eligible for two other rewards for their birthday gift. The first is a gift set like the Kat Von D and Drunk Elephant items. The difference is that VIB and VIB Rouge members will have a third brand to choose from. The third brand will change throughout the year in a new, online Birthday Boutique. Up first? A MILK Makeup set featuring the brand's Kush Mascara and their Cooling Water Eye De-puffer.


Finally, there are new Celebration Gifts. If you're not familiar with what a Celebration Gift at Sephora is, it's the present you receive from the retailer when you hit VIB or VIB Rouge status. In 2019, if you hit either of the top two tiers in the Beauty Inside program, you can either add 750 points to your balance if you become VIB Rouge and 500 points if you become a VIB.

If points don't seem like the right option for you, don't worry. You can also choose an option that lets you share four (for VIB Rouge members) or two (for VIB members) Makeup Deluxe Full-Face Makeovers.

Still not right? Then there's the shipping rewards. For those who become VIB Rouge members, you can choose to get free Flash shipping (which is 2 days), and if you make VIB status, you can choose to receive free shipping on orders over $35.

If you look forward to your birthday every year or you're sure you'll be hitting a new level of your Sephora Beauty Insider membership, you've got some great gifts coming your way in 2019.