This Week's 'Broad City' Has SO Many Easter Eggs Only True Fans Will Catch

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Spoilers ahead for Broad City Season 5, Episode 9. The Broad City team knows you need a lot of time to process that the show has only one episode left. So in the March 21 episode, Abbi and Ilana graciously give viewers tons of Easter eggs from the first episode of Broad City. These range from the obvious — like attending (well, not attending) a Lil Wayne concert — to a reference to that one time Abbi stole a van. But with the series finale only one week away, these callbacks should leave you feeling sentimental for their shenanigans in all the right ways.

The show's penultimate episode, "Along Came Molly," mirrors the very first episode of Broad City, "What a Wonderful World," in many ways. But Abbi and Ilana don't stop there. There are references to Hurricane Wanda, pegging Jeremy, "co-opting time," and Ilana's "I Sh*t" song — which has continued to pop up but comes in the form of "We Scheme" this time around.

They also talk about a ton of things they've done, but that we've never seen, like when they made meringues, took care of an egg, whitened their teeth, and tried Diva cups. Plus, one shocking revelation about the true nature of Bever and Ilana's relationship. So to help you cope with the impending loss of Broad City, here's pretty much every callback to previous episodes — but in particular, the first episode — that is featured in "Along Came Molly."

The Lil Wayne Concert

Abbi and Ilana spend both Broad City's first and penultimate episodes trying to get to a Lil Wayne concert. They epically fail each time, but at least we get to hear "A Milli" again.

Playing Music In Parks

"Along Came Molly" opens up with the women crossing off playing "Heart and Soul" on the Washington Square Park pianos from "Abbi's New York City Bucket List." In an attempt to earn cash for their Lil Wayne tickets in "What a Wonderful World," they did some bucket drumming in Madison Square Park.

Abbi Stole A Van

When Abbi's not interested in going to the Lil Wayne Concert in the first episode, Ilana asks, "Can I talk to the Abbi that stole a van?" And this legendary van incident gets a shoutout again when Abbi talks about the only other time she'd taken Molly.

Hanging With Trash & Trucks

In Season 3, Episode 1 "Two Chainz," Abbi must run after a truck that Ilana gets magnetically stuck to. These skills come in handy when they run after the trash truck that snatches Abbi's couch.

Also, Abbi's love of trash is on full display. As Abbi's dad (guest star Tony Danza) discussed in Season 3, Episode 6 "Philadelphia," Abbi loved playing in the trash as a kid, and she brings it up again in "Along Came Molly." "There was a moment in time when trash was very comforting to me," she says. After all, "It's like normal stuff but it has a past."

Ilana's Truth Bombs

Ilana blew Abbi's mind when she told her "What a Wonderful World" was a slave song in the premiere episode. While that fact was technically incorrect, Ilana does it again with the truth about Corn Flakes being created to curb masturbation in "Along Came Molly," and this time she's not wrong.

Bed Bugs

When they bring the couch to the alley outside of the Lil Wayne concert, Ilana ensures no one takes it by writing a sign that says, "Gnarly bed bugs." And she knows exactly how gnarly those pests are after she and Jaime had them in their apartment in Season 4, Episode 9 "Bed Bugs."

Bingo Bronson

Abbi's stuffed animal Bingo Bronson came alive in Season 2, Episode 3 "Wisdom Teeth" while she was hopped up on pain meds. And the very same thing happens in "Along Came Molly" when the Craigslist MDMA is particularly hard to come down from.


Speaking of Craigslist, you'd think Abbi would have learned her lesson after Ilana got them a gig cleaning a random dude's apartment in their underwear during "What a Wonderful World." But she got the Molly and the fake Lil Wayne tickets from there, and learned again how wrong Ilana was when she insisted that "Craigslist is the most legitimate business."

Running Late

Abbi and Ilana have made a habit of running late during their various misadventures. In "Along Came Molly," it's all about them carrying a couch through the city and even onto the subway while trying to make it to Lil Wayne. But they've notably done this before in Season 1, Episode 8 "Destination Wedding" Season 3, Episode 9 "Getting There," and (of course) Season 4, Episode 1 "Sliding Doors" since running for the subway is how they met in the first place.

Elaborate Attempts To Get Inside Somewhere

Abbi most recently had a snafu at the theater in "Shenanigans," but she should be used to landing in tight spots, both figuratively and literally. When they try to climb through the vent system to get into the Lil Wayne concert, you might have been thinking of all the other times they committed breaking and entering, like in Season 1, Episode 4 "The Lockout" and Season 4, Episode 10 "Friendiversary."

The Ilana-Bevers Connection

Remember when Bevers and Ilana were seemingly hitting it off (much to Abbi's chagrin) in Season 4, Episode 6, "Witches"? Well, Abbi wasn't wrong to be suspicious, since apparently, Bevers and Ilana hooked up after he entered into an open relationship with Melanie. And it appears that Ilana is still vibing on Bevers, so it may be for the best that Abbi gets out of town.


Speaking of Bevers and Melody, Abbi's actual roommate continues to be elusive 'til the end. After five seasons, it might have been fun to see what Melanie looks like (the closest viewers got was in Season 2, Episode 7, "Citizen Ship"), but it's only right that she remains mysteriously unseen.

Abbi's Butt

The Season 5 premiere, "Stories," already paid homage to it, but what would a final episode of Broad City be without referencing Abbi's dope ass?

Bevers' Love Of Abbi's Stuff (& Abbi)

Bevers has been taking Abbi's stuff and squatting in her and Melody's apartment since day one. And in "Along Came Molly," you see just how much he loves Abbi's things after he secretly purchases (or maybe just takes?) all the belongings she was selling before her move. It's undoubtedly creepy, but it's also weirdly touching how much their friendship has grown.

An Intoxicated Friendship Session

Whether it's alcohol, weed, cocaine, mushrooms, or Molly, Abbi and Ilana have spent a lot of time hanging out while high or inebriated. And while they roll on Molly, they finally discuss how scared they both are that Abbi's leaving New York City. (During the comedown, Abbi also pukes in front of Ilana, which mirrors when Ilana puked in front of Abbi via Facetime in "What a Wonderful World.") These aren't the most responsible moments, but they do allow Abbi and Ilana to express their unfiltered love for each other (not that they have much trouble doing that in the first place).

Fans are going to need the full final episode of Broad City to process their emotions that the show is over, but "Along Came Molly" should have left you feeling sweetly reminiscent for all the ridiculous times Abbi and Ilana have had over the years, which is exactly the goodbye we need.