All The New York City Easter Eggs In 'Nora From Queens,' From H Mart To The Unisphere

Zach Dilgard

Spoilers ahead for Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens. As the title of Awkwafina's new series implies, her protagonist is from the hallowed borough of Queens, New York. Born Nora Lum, Awkwafina is from Forest Hills, per Vice, and since the sitcom is semi-autobiographical, her character lives in that neighborhood, too. Fortunately, there are plenty of Queens easter eggs in Nora from Queens, which both former and current residents will revel in finding.

"Forest Hills is where Long Island meets Park Slope meets Archie Bunker," Awkwafina told Vice back in 2015, later saying, "The most refreshing thing about Forest Hills is that it has not changed. Aside from storefronts opening and disappearing, the character of the neighborhood has stayed the same since I was a baby. It's one of those neighborhoods that was never a completely gentrified area."

According to Time Out New York, Nora from Queens was filmed around NYC — both in in the show's titular borough and beyond. The protagonist's house, however, was filmed on a set. So if you're from the area, it's possible you'll recognize some of the places on the show. But if you miss anything, don't worry, these are all of the Queens easter eggs audiences can find in Awkwafina's new Comedy Central series, broken down by episode throughout the season.

Episode 1 — "Pilot"

  • Nora's headboard. In the pilot's second scene, audiences see a Queens Blvd sign above the protagonist's head. This throughway runs through Forest Hills.
  • The opening credits. Audiences see animations of the 7 Train (which Awkwafina voiced as a promotion for the sitcom), the unisphere (which is in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park), and a cross street in Forest Hills, where Nora lives with her grandma and dad in the show.
  • H Mart. A popular Korean grocery store, H Mart has several locations in Queens. In the pilot, Nora's grandmother wonders, "What are all these H Mart shopping baskets?" to which her granddaughter responds that she's reusing them to save the environment.

Episode 2 — "Atlantic City"

  • Queens Center food court. Although most of this episode takes place in Atlantic City, the aforementioned Time Out article says that the food court scenes were filmed in the Queens Center — a mall located in Elmhurst. Behind certain shots in Episode 2, audiences can see a Chick-fil-A and Noodle House, which are both located in the Queens Center.

Episode 3 — "Savage Valley"

  • The Chinese Death Trap. Nora gets a real job with family friend Nancy Hong, who runs Golden Prosperity Real Estate. It's unclear whether her business is supposed to be located in Chinatown or Flushing, but based on some businesses in the background, they filmed the exterior shots in Manhattan. On the wall, Nancy has a collection of what she calls unsellables — "listings so far gone that no one else will take them on." Nora recognizes one particular house, the apparently infamous "Chinese Death Trap," which is in Elmhurst, Queens. Not only was it supposedly the home of several Hong Kong crime organizations, but it is riddled with asbestos and haunted by Cantonese ghosts. Nancy has been trying to sell it for 16 years, five months, and three days — not that she's counting, or anything.

Episode 4 — "Paperwork"

  • The Ramones mural in Forest Hills. Since Nora's car is still in "jail," she's forced to walk to the impound. She walks past several landmarks along the way, including a mural of the punk band The Ramones, which is painted under an overpass in Forest Hills. The mural was painted in 2016 by Crisp and Praxis Graff, according to DNAinfo, paying homage to the punk band's Forest Hills origins.
  • Liberty Department Stores. After freaking out in line for a new Social Security card, Nora resigns herself to going to the back of this Ridgewood fixture, where someone is running a fake ID operation.
  • Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan. Although Nora and her grandma really wanted to splurge and go to the expensive Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão in Manhattan, they instead go to Hunan Kitchen, which is located in Flushing, according to the same Time Out article.

This list will be updated throughout Season 1.

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