All The 'Temptation Island' Singles, Because There Are A Lot To Get To Know

Mario Perez/USA Network

Temptation Island, USA's reboot of the early 2000s dating show of the same name, is all about testing relationships — but in an extremely unconventional way. After four couples arrive at a tropical destination, they're separated and introduced to 24 Temptation Island singles, all of whom are looking for love and eager to steal them away from their S.Os. And strong as the couples may think they are, the numbers aren't on their side: there's three singles per every person in a relationship. And if a Bachelor or Bachelorette is able to find love out of 20-plus suitors, it's a statistical likelihood that at least one person is going to end up falling for someone they didn't come to the island with.

That being said, the Temptation Island singles aren't just there to break up a relationship: host Mark Walberg told TV Insider (no, not that Mark Wahlberg) they're genuinely looking for love. "We acknowledge their journey more. It may have been the case before, but we sort of looked at them as tempters," he explained. "Now we're really looking at the fact that these people are also at a crossroads. They are hoping to find love, and it's not so much about them trying to just break up a couple. It's also maybe about one of these people is better for them too. I like that it's a two-way street now."

Take a look at this wide array of singles and see for yourself what these couples are up against below.


According to her USA bio, Tara is a devout Christian, which means she should be familiar with the original temptation — but will that knowledge come in handy on Temptation Island? For the recently heartbroken Los Angelan, hopefully it does.


Rachel discovered her live-in boyfriend was cheating on her before coming to Temptation Island, where it is now her turn to date people who already have romantic partners. An curious twist of fate, to say the least.


Morgan is a realtor from Washington D.C., which is fitting as Temptation Island is like an open house for relationships.


Kayla hails from Cincinnati and is described by USA as having an "adventurous spirit," but that doesn't mean she'll be ready for the emotional rollercoaster that is Temptation Island.


According to her bio, Katheryn is "aggressive when looking for the perfect man, and is not afraid to lay it all on the line to see if a connection exists," so expect her to stir up some drama.


Jeffri is a flight attendant, which means she's surely seen her fair share of both exotic locales and couples from all walks of life. She's also, apparently, pretty tired of flying solo (sorry not sorry!).


Sheldyn may be a journalism student, but this Pearland, Texas native seems ready to teach the men of Temptation Island exactly what she's looking for in a relationship: "a tall, dark and handsome man who has impeccable manners and isn't afraid to make the first move," per her bio.


Hannah is a promotional model and owns her own e-commerce business, which is handy because Hannah also means business when it comes to finding love on Temptation Island.


Erica recently got out of an eight-year relationship with a boyfriend who wasn't faithful to her, and she's getting back into the dating scene in a big way thanks to Temptation Island.


According to her USA bio, Cathlene has had to call the cops on her last two boyfriends. Hopefully, she'll meet someone on Temptation Island that manages to stay above the law.


Brittney — a yoga retreat owner passionate about travel, cooking, and fitness — may be all about the zen at work, but according to her USA bio she'll "stop at nothing" to find herself a man.


A former actress who has been on television and Broadway, Allie is now pursuing a career in higher education — and apparently, a life partner.

Wynn is a concierge right now, but he used to be a professional basketball player. He may have experience stealing a ball from his years on the court, but can he also steal some hearts on the island?


Val is a Brooklyn-based barber with a penchant for humor. With all that charm, don't expect him to be single for long.


Tyler is a film financier, which means having to make tough, educated decisions on where to invest his money — but will he be as smart about where he chooses to invest his feelings?


USA describes Scott as having a "true 'nice guy' attitude," but hopefully his experience as a film editor will help him recognize when it's a good idea to cut out any of that toxic "nice guy" B.S.


Roman hails from Lexington, Kentucky and is described as an "adrenaline junkie," which means he could be especially eager to start some drama and keep things interesting.


Matthew does a little bit of everything: he models, bartends, and does personal training, and he's lived in Boston, California, Hawaii, and Ireland. If Matthew can sit still long enough to get to know someone, he's one hell of a catch.


Justin, who comes "from a family of overachievers," is looking for an ambitious woman, and he has the attitude to match: according to USA, he's determined to leave the island with a woman on his arm. Considering since 12 men are going to be competing for the affection four women who are already in relationships, he's got his work cut out for him, but it sounds like he'll be up to the task.


According to USA, Jon's vulnerable nature tends to leave him "in the friend-zone," which is presumably the exact opposite of what he's hoping will happen on Temptation Island.

Dr. Johnny

Dr. Johnny recently opened his own sports chiropractic office in Hoboken, New Jersey, and after spending several years establishing his career, he's ready to turn his attention to love.


As the creative director of a non-profit, James is used to being giving, but according to his USA bio, he's not afraid to be selfish and "push aside other men to get what he wants" during his time on Temptation Island.


Jack is freelance writer and owns a tile contracting company, but still finds time in his busy schedule to go hiking, snowboarding, and even get some video game time in. His personal Instagram is @Capta1n_Jack, which suggests he may tap into his inner pirate to pillage Temptation Island of its in-tact relationships.


According to USA, Carlos "oozes confidence," and that's bound to rub off on some of the other contestants on Temptation Island. He may be able to manage projects, but can he manage his feelings?

With this many eligible singles, it will be a truly impressive feat for any of the show's couples to stick together.