All The WTF Moments From The 'PLL' Finale

Freeform/Eric McCandless

If you've seen even just one episode of the show, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Pretty Little Liars pulled out all the stops during its series finale. Spoilers ahead. Considering it's the last time the Liars will solve mysteries in Rosewood (or at least, for now), the show seemingly followed the mantra, "Go big or go home." There were plenty of WTF moments during the Pretty Little Liars finale, and quite frankly, it wouldn't have been the same without them.

Seriously, did you really expect anything less? This is the same TV series that once trapped the main characters inside a giant doll house, complete with exact replicas of their childhood bedrooms. This is also the show that created an elaborate board game, prompting the Liars to take on ridiculous challenges, just to earn puzzle pieces.

While the big reveal of A.D.'s identity is bound to be the most unforgettable scene of all, that's not the only time the finale made fans gasp. Here's a round-up of every time the episode either made your jaw drop, or left you scratching your head — wishing you had even more answers. Again, would you expect anything less?

1. Jenna Shows Up On A Horse

After a mini tap dance from Lucas, Jenna strolls by on a horse. The Liars don't even acknowledge her. What is happening?

2. The Opening Sequence

The Liars are sitting around a table, where all of the above occurs. However, as snow starts to fall, you realize that Mona was just staring into a snow globe.

3. Emily & Ali Have Twins

OK, this isn't as much of a "WTF" moment, as it is an "OMG." It also continues the ongoing theme of twins on the show. Their names are Lily and Grace, BTW.

4. The Creepy Doll In The Locker

The plot jumps a year ahead, where Ali and Emily still work at Rosewood High School. A student named Claire opens her locker, only to find a doll with its chest stabbed.

5. Melissa Is Creeping Around In A Black Hoodie


As the whole crew is sitting around eating dinner, Melissa is lurking in the bushes in a black hoodie. What does this mean?

6. Mona Takes Off A Melissa Mask

Just when you thought Melissa was lurking, you see Mona rip off a Melissa face mask. Nothing is as it seems.

7. Maya's Niece Makes A Cameo

While at Ezra and Aria's rehearsal dinner, guess who's on the catering team? Maya's niece, who also one of Emily's students. What a full-circle moment, huh?

8. Ali Proposes To Emily While Wearing A Pug Sweatshirt

Everybody already knew Emison is endgame, and yes, the proposal is super sweet. But the pug sweater? LOL. (To clarify: This is definitely a cute WTF moment.)

9. Mona Slaps Spencer While Wearing A Black Hoodie

To be specific, Mona says, "Déjà vu, b*tch" and slaps her across the face. No further explanation given.

10. Spencer's Twin Is Revealed

Fans long speculated that Twincer was real. And lo and behold, it happened. Spencer woke up and was startled by her lookalike staring back.

11. Mary Drake Knocks Spencer Out

Right after the Twincer reveal, Mary injects something in Spencer's arm to make her pass out.

12. Alex Drake (aka Spencer's Twin) Has An Accent


Not the best accent, but an accent nevertheless. She's also seen in a flashback with Wren.

13. Wren & A.D. Are In Cahoots


Apparently these two were in love. This suddenly explains his crush on Spencer.

14. Wren Shoots Alex

But it's not what it looks like — Wren shoots A.D., so that she can have a matching bullet wound, just like Spencer.

15. Wren Is Revealed To Be The Father Of Emison's Twins


At this point, is it really a surprise?

16. Ezra Gets Kidnapped By A.D.

While Spencer is trapped in a cell, she looks over to find Ezra — who was captured on his wedding day.

17. It Turns Out Jenna Knew About A.D. All Along (Sort Of)

Apparently she knew that Charlotte had a sister, so she hunted down Alex Drake. Of course, Jenna knew more than she let on.

18. This Hot Air Balloon Guy Stops By


The guy claims that he's there to take Aria on a hot air balloon ride as part of her honeymoon. Did Ezra really plan that, or is this another A ploy?

19. Mona Reveals Who She's Really Helping


While it seemed like she may have been playing both sides, she was actually trying to help the Liars. And apparently Wren is the one who showed up at Radley to talk to Mona (and as she claims, to try to kill her).

20. Spencer & Ezra Get Trapped Underground


Even though it looks like they're outside. As Ezra says, "It's all fake," and they're trapped.

21. Alex Goes After Spencer & Ezra With An Ax



22. Toby Has To Figure Out Which Is The Real Spencer


They. Look. Identical.

23. An Text Message Interrupts Ezria's Wedding...

And it's actually showrunner I. Marlene King's phone. Because yes, she has a cameo in the finale.

24. Hanna Announces She's Pregnant


A Haleb baby. (Again, this falls in the cute WTF moment category.)

25. Mona Has A Doll House


A French doll house, to be exact.

26. And She's Got Mary & A.D. Trapped


Yes, in the doll house. She outsmarted the show's supposed evil mastermind.

27. Mona's Boyfriend Poses As A Cop


He's the one who came to "arrest" Alex, but must've taken her to the doll house instead.

28. Addison Goes Missing


Uh-oh, Addie (aka Addison) is missing, in a scene that mirrors Alison's own disappearance. This is clearly setting the stage for a spinoff, right?

It's OK if your jaw is still on the floor. The finale was filled with over-the-top reveals — and these only cover the basics. I'm going to need to re-watch ASAP to try to figure it all out.