Aly Raisman Is Your New Favorite Plant Mom

by Syeda Khaula Saad
Michael Short/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A couple of months ago, a normal day for three-time Olympic gold medalist and motivational speaker Aly Raisman, involved traveling. But in a new interview with Elite Daily, Raisman shared what life at home looks like now amid the coronavirus pandemic. And if you're in need of inspiration for new hobbies or how to have a better outlook during quarantine, it's safe to say she's got you covered.

Since retiring from gymnastics, Raisman spent the beginning of the year on the road as a motivational speaker. But staying in her Boston apartment now is a change she's embracing. "I've been really trying to appreciate the everyday moments," Raisman told Elite Daily. "I really make an effort to watch the sunset every night. ... I have the time now to actually get there and watch the sky change colors, and sometimes it takes a long time, but it's a really nice moment just to actually be present."

Raisman also keeps a crystal next to her bed, which reminds her to practice gratitude when she wakes up and before she goes to bed.

If you follow Raisman's Instagram, you already know that she's a full-grown plant mom, who regularly posts about the vegetables she's growing. But this hobby is more than just a way to pass the extra time. "I find gardening really relaxing," she told Elite Daily. "It makes me feel very present, and so I do that quite a bit. I have a lot of things growing, so I'll sit there and see what has grown."

While her snap peas and celery aren't ready to eat just yet, she told Elite Daily she'll have a market at her apartment in the summer.

Though Raisman is taking quarantine in stride, she told Elite Daily she's looking forward to a time when it's safe to have her friends over and she can pick up horseback riding again. She's also excited to do activities with her mom again.

"Before quarantine, with my mom, we were starting to get into Pilates," she told Elite Daily. "There's a Club Pilates Studio right near where my mom — my parents — live, so I go with my mom. We do that together. So, I'm really excited about that. Going to Club Pilates and then spending the day with the mom is, it's always fun."