Here's Why Amazon's New Ted Bundy Docuseries Deserves Your Attention

A Ted Bundy docu-series is coming to Amazon Prime

Given how obsessed the world has become with true crime, it should come as no surprise that a new Ted Bundy docuseries is coming to Amazon Prime sometime in 2020. But unlike most documentaries that focus on the killers themselves, this five-part series will reframe Bundy's crimes from a female perspective. According to a press release provided to Bustle, the project, titled Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer, will chronicle Bundy's relationship with his former girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, the pseudonym of Elizabeth Kloepfer, who dated the notorious serial killer for six years.

As per the official description obtained by Bustle, the series seeks to uncover "the disturbing and profound way in which Bundy’s pathological hatred of women collided with the culture wars and feminist movement of the 1970s." Prior to his death in 1989, Bundy confessed to killing 30 women. The full extent of his victims remains unknown, but is reportedly estimated to be much higher than that, and he is known for having used his charm and good looks to trick women into helping him before proceeding to kidnap, torture, assault, and kill them once they were alone.

Kendall and her now-grown daughter, Molly, witnessed Bundy's appeal and charisma firsthand for many years. Now, after 40 years of silence, they are ready to share their experiences in this new docuseries and provide unsettling details about the man they once thought they knew. Viewers will also get to a glimpse of never-before-seen family photos from Bundy's life before his arrest.

Amazon Prime

This isn't the first time a Bundy project has taken on Kendall's point of view. Netflix's Ted Bundy movie, starring Zac Efron and titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile, was told mostly from the point of view of his longtime girlfriend (played by Lily Collins).

What makes Prime's take on Bundy unique, though, is the fact that Kendall and Molly won't be the only ones speaking out about him. Several survivors of Bundy's attacks, some of whom are coming forward for the first time, will provide accounts of his actions that the press release teased "will forever change the Bundy narrative and provoke a discussion around gender politics that hauntingly resonates today."

Amazon Prime

An official release date has yet to be announced for the docuseries, but it joins an already long list of Bundy-centric projects that have come out over the past few years. Aside from Netflix's Bundy movie, the streaming service also dropped a docuseries of its own, called Conversations with A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Oxygen Media also aired a two-hour special on the killer back in July 2018 titled Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy.

There's no shortage of Bundy content out there, but Amazon Prime's take on the infamous serial killer offers a chance for some of these women to reclaim the power he tried to take from them.